Tap Into Your Intuition

When: Monday January 22, 7:00-8:00pm

Where: 786 College Street



Join us in-store on Monday, January 22, 2018 from 7-8pm for a very special workshop led by Ayah Norris and is co-hosted by the Quiet Company.

‘There is a voice that doesn’t use words, LISTEN” – Rumi

Have you ever had a moment when you felt something wasn’t right? Maybe committing to something you knew you didn’t have time for, or having a negative feeling around someone but not knowing why? Did you listen to that feeling or shrugged it off?

We all have an ‘inner voice’ or gut feeling that appears quickly in our consciousness. We don’t always know why it’s there and sometimes we can ignore it. Other times it just keeps coming back, tap-tapping when things feel off and we don’t know why. Our society often places emphasis on rational, brain led decisions. But what about your gut? How do we know if we should listen to our head or our heart?

This workshop we will dive deep into how to access our intuition and connect with what we really need. You’ll learn

  • What intuition is, and the many ways our intuition speaks to us
  • How to balance the intelligence of your head and the wisdom of your heart
  • Multiple techniques to access the rich wisdom that already lies within you

This workshop will be led by Ayah Norris and is co-hosted by the Quiet Company and The Health Hut.  It is open to all levels and experiences.

Cost: A $20 fee applies to this eventPurchase your ticket here.

Workshops may be canceled due to low participation or unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be notified of time changes or cancellations with 3 days notice.


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