Blue Sage from Colorado, USA

Province Apothecary Sacred Sage Smudge Stick



Sage (Salvia apiana) has been traditionally used to drive out negative energies, purify + bless people or places. The smoke from sage neutralizes positive ions in our auras and space. Use it to cleanse, purify and protect people and places.


To use, simply light one end of the sage wand. Allow it to burn until it starts smoking then blow out the flame. To cleanse a room or house, carry the lit smudge stick clockwise around the area. Fan the smoke with a feather. Make sure to smudge corners and behind doors. Remember when you smudge you are asking the spirit of the sacred plants for assistance and must be respectful of their healing properties. Once the sage is lit, do not stop it from burning. The spirit of sage knows how many negative and positive ions are in the surrounding area and will burn accordingly. To remove negative energies from an area smudge with Sage. Allow the smoke to settle and move through the area 5-15 minutes.

Province Apothecary sage comes from Native American artists at fair trade prices and is hand picked in sustainable and traditional manners, and no artificial ingredients of any kind are ever used.

Blue Sage from Colorado, USA


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