“I first met Tara last year during a green beauty pop-up event and what immediately struck me was the warmth and light that seemed to just radiate all around her (if you ever get the chance to meet her you’ll know what I mean – you won’t be able to stop your perma-smile). Instantly welcoming and willing to patiently chat as I peppered her with questions Tara’s approach is one of openness and honesty. I truly feel like she gives advice based on what’s best for you and not simply to make a sale. I wholeheartedly trust her opinions and am always excited to see what new and under-the-radar green beauty brand she’ll add to her already stunning line-up!”

Sonja F., Toronto, Ontario,


“I just wanted to write a quick thank you for your advice! I had written a little while ago about some skin issues I was having and you had recommended some products for me (CV Skinlabs cream and Province Apothecary serum), and I am happy to report that my skin is in much better condition!

The serum and cream combo definitely made a difference, and though it took me a couple days to get used to the smell of the serum, it has now grown on me and I look forward to putting it on every day! I’ll be buying both products again for sure. (Also, just as an aside, I bought the 100% pure mascara as well and am loving that-best natural mascara I’ve tried)”

Spenser C., Georgetown, Ontario

“I live in Muskoka. While it is beautiful here we have limited amenities. The addition of the Health Hut Boutique close to Port Carling was nothing short of a miracle. Now I am able to purchase all of my lake-environment friendly household, health and beauty products all summer long plus stock up before leaving for the winter. Tara, owner of the Health Hut Boutique is a nutritionist who really has her customer’s best interests in mind and she only stocks sustainable, top of the line product. I also love Tara’s posts on facebook and articles in Chatelaine!”

Carrie T., Muskoka, Ontario

Tara Is A Nutritionist Who Really Has Her customer’s Best Interests In Mind.

“The parcel arrived last week and my mother was thrilled with the flower essences – and even more thrilled with the samples! That was very kind of you – thanks so much! My family thanks you for making such wonderful products available to us! The products I have ordered from your site have honestly brought about such positive changes in my life, Tara (skin, health, well-being). I’d love to do anything I can to let others know about your amazing products, your wonderful site, and your kind support!”

Lara S., Virden, Manitoba

The products I have ordered from your site have honestly brought about such positive changes in my life (skin, health and wellbeing).

“This summer I was introduced to the Rahua Elixir by Tara from the Health Hut, as a good product to help with scalp irritations, particularly eczema and psoriasis. I have been plagued with ongoing itchiness, flaking, redness, swelling and pain for over 10 years.

I have been to Doctors, skin specialists and holistic practitioners and tried everything from prescription solutions to natural oils in my effort to combat the problem. Nothing had worked, often the solution would cause the pain, swelling and flakiness to return with the condition even worse than before!

After 10 years of discomfort and frustration, I was more than willing to try the Rahua Elixir, even though I felt it was very expensive. I applied the product directly to the affected area on my scalp and started feeling relief within 3 days. In the following weeks, while continuing to have relief, I just started using it once weekly by adding a dropper of oil to my conditioner and massaging it into my scalp and hair. I can say with complete conviction that this product has given me compete relief from my condition and as a bonus, my hair is silky and beautifully conditioned.

Anyone who has suffered from this type of medical condition knows exactly about the pain and frustration that accompanies this affliction. This product has been a godsend to me!”

Judy M., Toronto, Ontario


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