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5  Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin this Summer
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5 Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin this Summer

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We're taking a green approach to sun care this season. Whether you are soaking up the suns rays lakeside, heading on an outdoor adventure, or enjoying patio season - we want to help keep you protected.

Choosing the right natural sunscreen can seem to be a daunting task, with various factors to consider including the SPF, mineral content and tinted vs. un-tinted options.

In order to help you transition into summer and safely get that sun-kissed glow, we've created a list of our favourite options to safely care for, protect and nourish your summer skin.

But before we get started we're going back to the basics to answer some of your frequently asked questions.

What is SPF? 

SPF or Sun Protecting Factor is a measure of how well a sunscreen will protect your skin against UVB rays - the radiation rays that cause sunburn and skin damage. 

The SPF measure is not linear, so higher SPF levels don't significantly increase your protection. When choosing the right product for you, look for a minimum of SPF 15, but don't feel the need to go for the SPF 100. 

In order to get full protection against UVB and UVA rays, look for products that offer "broad spectrum" protection as well as SPF. 

SPF - Natural Suncare


5 Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin this Summer

1. Choose a great Mineral Sunscreen for daily protection

Mineral sunscreens otherwise known as barrier or physical sunblocks are the main type of natural sunblocks. These have zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as their active ingredients. Like a mirror, mineral sunscreen sits on top of the skin and reflects the UVAs and UVBs back, which protects your skin from UV light penetration. 

Zinc oxide is great at protecting from both UVA and UVB, while titanium dioxide is used mainly for UVB protection.  

For daily protection, use a moisturizing sunscreen that not only provides protection but also antioxidant rich ingredients like Coola's Mineral Face SPF30 Matte Cucumber Lotion or LaSpa Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen.

 Natural Sunscreen - Health Hut - Coola


2. Get your summer glow on with a tinted BB Cream

Looking for the perfect sun-kissed glow while still protecting your skin? Opt for a tinted BB like Coola's Mineral BB Cream for a light-coverage no-makeup look! 


Natural Sunscreen - BB Cream - SPF30 - Health Hut - Toronto

3. Get beach & dock ready with full-body protection

Heading to the dock, beach or pool and looking for full-body protection? Check out UniKa Broad Spectrum Natural SunscreenCoola's Mineral Sport SPF 30, or LaSpa Daily Sun Protection Lotion. If you prefer easy-to-apply sticks try Living lIbations Everybody Loves The Sunshine Beach Balm or LaSpa Ultra Sun Stick.


Natural Sunscreen - Health Hut Toronto - Coola Sport SPF30

4. Protect your lips! 

Did you know that our lips are more sensitive to sun damage than the rest of our skin? The skin on our lips is much thinner, therefore more susceptible to UV damage and water loss. 

Keep your lips soft, protected and moisturized this summer with our favourite Fitglow Lip Colour Serums which are packed full of antioxidants to help mitigate sun damage, protect the cell layer, diminish fine lines and leave lips full and soft.


Natural Lip Care - Health Hut Toronto

5. Nourish your skin post-sun! 

We love spending our summer days by the lake or at the beach. After you get your dose of Vitamin D, you'll want to nourish and rehydrate your skin. 

8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil is a great post-sun treatment. This ultra-reparative oil has tons of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and is a rich source of essential fatty acids which help soothe your skin and leave you glowing. 

For the ultimate boost of hydration post-sun, we love Tata Haper's Hydrating Floral Essence. This dreamy mist delivers ultimate hydration with dual-weight hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and rose, lavender and neroli hydrosols to soothe the skin. Pro tip: pop the bottle in the fridge for an extra refreshing spritz!

Living Libations Sandalwood Best Skin Ever is another one of our go-to's for after sun hydration. You can use this all-in-one to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.  Bonus: is it good for even the most sensitive skin. 

Finally, we love the CV Skin Labs line of products for when we've exposed our selves to just a little too much sun. They are great for healing and repair.

Natural After Sun Care - Health Hut Toronto

Do you have a favourite natural sun care product or tip for sun safety? Leave us a comment below!