Masterclass: Pleasure with Epiphany

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An intimate evening event in pursuit of pleasure.

“Pleasure ... is what our bodies, our human systems, are structured for; it is the aliveness and awakening, the gratitude and humility, the joy and celebration of being miraculous.”
― Adrienne Maree Brown, Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good



Join Epiphany founder Kelly Pigeon and Sex and Love Coach Jenna Miller for an intimate evening of fun and curiosity as we welcome sexual pleasure into the wellness conversation.

Explore how to reframe self-pleasure as a nourishing ritual that can deepen your relationship with your body and the world around you. Learn tools to help you feel at ease between the sheets and techniques that are sure to give you next-level orgasms.

The evening will climax with a juicy Q+A where you will have the opportunity to (discreetly) ask questions about self and partner pleasure. 

Your ticket includes:

  • Epiphany's Clit Arousal Serum ($42 value)
  • a deep dive into how the Clit Arousal Serum works
  • pleasure education from experts
  • two glasses of natural wine
  • light snacks
  • private shopping

This event is pleasure-positive and affirms all sexual orientations, gender identities and relationship expressions.