Blanket - Chalet

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Turkish cotton blanket.

Colour Silver Grey

This cozy Turkish blanket can be used as a throw on your bed or couch. It also doubles as a jumbo beach blanket or picnic blanket.

Any small imperfections reflect the handcrafted nature of the blanket, and add to its uniqueness and beauty.

SIZE: 180cm x 220cm

Before using your blanket for the first time, it is recommended to soak your blanket in cold water over night and then hang to dry. This allows the cotton fibres to bloom and will condition your blanket to reach its maximum absorbency.

After the initial soak, machine wash cold. DO NOT bleach. DO NOT use fabric softener.

It is recommended to hang your blanket to dry as it's better for the blanket and for the environment. If tumble drying is preferred, please use low heat.

100% Hand-Loomed Organic Turkish Cotton.