At-Home Spa with Tara

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We've got giant mounds of snow, cold temps and cloudy skies thrown in for good measure. January has settled in and it is giving us a MOOD. We've decided to amp up the self-care vibe to (hopefully) inspire a deeper state of enjoyment and mindfulness when home has also become our getaway. 

WHO: Tara, HH Founder


To completely separate myself from the stress of the day. To let go of things that may be bothering me. To be fully present and create moments of joy, deep relaxation and pleasure. 


Taking a bath, usually in the afternoons on the weekend, or after work during the week. Something about the warm water and the really still alone time is so soothing. Add in some aromatherapy and I could (almost) be at the spa.


It all depends on the day I’m having. Sometimes I fly into the bath so fast I barely have time to take off my clothes. Haha. But most of the time I light a candle, fill the tub with a bath milk, salt or bubble bath, bring along a book to read or my laptop to watch a show, pour something to drink like water, tea, wine (sometimes a combo), dim the lights and sink into the coziness.


This weekend I used Tata’s Radiance Mask while soaking, and was delighted by the super-glow I had post bath. My winter skin was very happy.

La Vie’s Bath Milk in Eucalyptus (major spa feelings) is always next to my tub, and for a more bubbly experience, I have been using our own Bubble Bath in Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Petitgrain.

Lohn candles are regularly burning, setting the mood.

And when I get out, I’ve started loving (new for me) using body oils like The Cure’s Body Serum or F. Miller Body Oil on my damp skin. A spritz of toner on my face (right now it’s F. Miller) followed by a face oil (currently Province Apothecary Hydrating Facial Serum) and a balm (Attar is a winter saviour) and I am in relaxation bliss. 

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