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About Health Hut

"At Health Hut we're about enhancing your life. Which is why you'll find natural daily care products ranging from toothpaste to shampoo, deodorants to hand soap, as well as self-care comforts like bath soaks, essential oils and luxurious body creams. We also include items purely for the sake of making you feel good - like comfy blankets, cozy robes. Or, things to brighten your day like locally grown flowers and vibrant coloured bags. You can shop for cookbooks that include recipes for satisfying foods you actually want to make, body positive and anti-diet writing as well as eco-chic travel mugs and household items. We pick products we like, with your holistic well-being and the well-being of the planet in mind. We also prioritize supporting local, independent businesses (which if you're like us, will make you feel really good, too!)"

- Founder, Tara Miller

In what was once an old ice-cream hut neglected on the side of the road in Muskoka, Ontario, founder Tara Miller saw an untouched opportunity to bring the benefits of natural products to the area where her and her family spend their summers. Tara transformed this little road side hut into a welcoming space for people to stock up on natural alternatives to their conventional lifestyle, beauty and self-care items.



Over the years Tara has grown the tiny hut (which still opens seasonally each summer) to a larger, full time shop in her home city of Toronto. This has provided Tara and her team the space to expand their collection of natural goods as well as offer regular events and workshops to educate and get to know their local community. 




Offering a warm environment and personalized service, Tara and her staff love connecting with their visitors, always up for a chat and customized recommendations.