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As we enter January, it's hard to escape the inevitable "New Year, New You" slogan and it's seductive voice.

The promise that changing your body will change your life is everywhere, tugging at your insecurities, making nearly impossible not to entertain that new diet, plan, program or "lifestyle" that says it will bring you everything you've ever wanted and more.

So why do people want so badly to shrink to be seen and heard? The answer is diet culture. And Christy Harrison's new book is the antidote.

Diet culture, as Christy Harrison explains so perfectly in Anti-Diet, is "a system of beliefs that equate thinness, muscularity, and particular body shapes with health and moral virtue; promotes weight loss and body reshaping as a means of attaining higher status; demonizes certain foods and food groups while elevating others; and oppresses people who don't match its supposed picture of "health"."

Diet culture is everywhere and has "infiltrated the world of health and wellness" Christy points out. And as a Nutritionist turned Intuitive Eating Counselor, I have seen first hand the pain, suffering and lack of health that accompanies the pursuit of the "perfect" diet and "ideal" size.  But what if it didn't have to be this way?

What if, as Christy discusses, you could reclaim your life, well-being and happiness all while being unapologetically you - free from food and body obsession? 

This book is a perfect for anyone dealing with anxiety around food and their body this January (or anytime of year!) and who is looking to free themselves from diet culture's grip once and for all.

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