Founder Feature: Clarissa of The Hair Routine

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Get ready to shift the way you care for your hair. 

This week, we sit down with Clarissa, founder of The Hair Routine, to talk about taming tresses and embracing the hair you are born with. Clarissa introduces an ethos of self care, applying it to hair, imparting her deeply rooted wisdom from Brazil's esteemed beauty culture. 

HH: Clarissa, we’re so excited to sit down with you again. This past month, the HH Team met with you to learn all about The Hair Routine’s incredible natural hair products - shampoo, conditioner, and three ultra-rich masks. Along with the valuable knowledge you passed on, you also inspired us to like and enjoy the hair we were born with; the moment we shared was just too magical not to invite our HH community in.

The inspiration for The Hair Routine came from your own experience when you moved to Canada from Brazil. You share about not being able to find products here in Canada with ingredients that are commonly found in haircare in Brazil. Can you share with us what is missing from North America's approach to hair and what you ended up formulating to meet that need here in Canada?

CQ: I realized that hair treatments in North America promise a one-use solution for hair, almost a miracle. In Brazil, we see haircare as a long term commitment, requiring attention and care. To create products that care for the hair strand holistically, I partnered with a local chemist and taught them the Brazilian way. This includes care for the natural shape of every hair type. Eventually, we developed a complete line made with highly effective ingredients that are available in North America combined with the Brazilian expertise.

HH: We all want to know, what does your current hair routine look like? Does your hair routine change? If so, what prompts you to change up your routine?

CQ: My hair routine is really simple. I use the Balancing Shampoo and Balancing Conditioner every 2 or 3 days and use a treatment every wash, following what the Hair Routine App recommends to me. The only time I change my routine is when I visit Brazil and I use more oils due to the extreme humidity.

HH: The Hair Routine has three expertly crafted hair masks that each support the hair strand in their own way. Can you tell us a bit about the science behind each of these masks? How can we tell which mask to use and what can we look for when our hair needs support?

CQ: Each treatment mask serves a specific purpose for the hair and together they replenish all the elements the strands need to be in their best health.

The Moisture Treatment replenishes the water inside the hair fiber giving it elasticity and malleability when it feels brittle.

The Nurture Treatment provides oils to the strands and makes them shiny and lustrous. This treatment is especially good at managing frizz and defining the curls and waves.

The Repair Treatment gives the hair proteins to replenish its mass, giving it volume and strength. This is your go-to when the strands feel weak, essential after chemical procedures.

HH: There was a magical moment in our recent meeting where you spoke about The Hair Routine’s raison d'etre - reason for being. Can you speak about the beliefs you have about beauty and how valuable it is to embrace the beauty we each hold?

CQ: I started The Hair Routine because of my own need to take care of my hair and find a brand I could relate to. A brand that would understand the uniqueness of my hair and help me feel beautiful in this uniqueness. I believe beauty is something that starts inside when we embrace ourselves and love our particularities, especially in a world that enforces an ideal image of perfection we should pursue. At The Hair Routine, we create products that help people to live this relationship, taking care of themselves and feeling beautiful every step of the way.

HH: Now for some fun, you’ve been given a plane ticket to take you anywhere. Where are you going, who’s coming with you, and what are you looking forward to doing when you arrive?

CQ: Since it’s May, I would take my mom to Portugal, where we are originally from. I would be looking forward to taking a train up north to Porto and visiting some wineries.

HH: We must dream ourselves into being. In that spirit, what vision do you hold for the future, for both The Hair Routine and the planet Earth?

CQ: Alongside other brands, The Hair Routine is rebuilding the beauty industry in a more healthy way. Not only in terms of healthy ingredients, but also a helping people appreciate and highlight their own innate beauty.

I’m optimistic about where Earth is going and I believe that soon everything we call clean-beauty will be mainstream beauty, as it should be.


Oil or cream cleanser? Cream cleanser
Bath or shower? Hmm, I really love both, but I will pick shower since it's my go to what I need a work break to feel inspired and have new ideas
Salty or sweet? First salt then sweet
Cook or take out? Definitely cooking
Coffee or tea? To honour my Brazilian origin, I will pick coffee
Morning or night? Morning, I'm an early bird
City or country? Big city life!
Summer or winter? Summer all year long


Binge-worthy show? I'm not a big tv watcher, but now I'm liking Beef
Local Shop? Health Hut
Evening snack? Popcorn
Song? Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye
Ritual when you get home? Remove shoes, wash my hands and say hello to my cat :)
Activity to wind down? Biking during the summer and painting during winter
Beverage? Sparkling water with a lemon slice

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