5-Step Glowy Makeup Routine

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Embrace a makeup ritual that mirrors the carefree spirit of the season. Bid farewell to heavy layers and cumbersome routines, and hello to a simple way of adorning your skin.

Reimagine your makeup routine by swapping in multi-use products that effortlessly elevate your beauty game, easily taking you from dawn to dusk. 

This curated routine is achievable in five fun steps - from strong brows to juicy lips, we've got you covered.


For long days and even longer nights, start your summer makeup routine with a lightweight foundation that offers gentle coverage and a major glow.
Here are two options that effortlessly go from day to night: 

Start with a tinted SPF, like Coola Rosiliance Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30. This BB-like cream will leave you with soft coverage, a natural finish and sun protection. These tinted moisturizers are formulated in three different shades.

If you are looking to achieve a super glowing complexion reach for Graydon Face Glow Tinted Moisturizer. This tinted moisturizer illuminates the skin from within, giving you a natural sun-kissed glow. Before a night out, use it to prime the skin for blush and bronzer. Face Glow also contains zinc, which is a helpful ingredient for sensitive or sun-exposed skin. 


Big and bushy or thin and sparse, we have a brow product for everyone. Highlighting your natural features is a beautiful part of enjoying makeup and brows are no exception! 

19/99 Brow and Lash Tint is a must-have for a no-makeup makeup look. Designed with ease in mind, the thin and precise applicator easily combs through tiny brow hairs. If you love the look of long lashes without a clump in sight, this weightless formula is perfect. Get natural brows and longer lashes in one step! 


Amalusta Truth Balm in POP gives a hint of colour with a dewy finish. Mimicking the look of flushed checks after a run, this multi-purpose balm can be applied to both lips and checks. With ingredients like shea and mango butter, it also offers nourishing and soothing benefits to the skin.

Nothing says summer makeup like bronzer. 19/99 Cream Contour Sticks deepen the natural contours of the face while adding warmth at the same time. Applying a swipe of this creamy formula in traditional spots like the hollows of the cheeks, nose and forehead will amplify your natural glow. For a night look, pass the contour stick over the eyelid and smudge it out with a finger for a soft smokey eye.


If summer is made for glowing skin, highlighters and shimmers are where we shine - literally. Here are some stand-out highlighters and sticks that can double as eye shadow. 

Tata Harper Cream Highlighter in Flashy offers all complexions a radiant and golden glow. The unique quality of Tata Harper's highlighters comes from their outstanding skincare benefits. With ingredients like calendula and green tea, your skin can receive calming relief while also achieving a glow.

19/99 Highlighter Stick in Miele offers a similar peachy highlight in a stick form. This mega bendable highlighter is perfect for on-the-go applications. With the lightweight formula 19/99 is known for, this stick makes the perfect shimmery eye shadow.


From gloss to matte, tints to balms, lip products are the perfect place to play with colour and shine. In this final step, we've put together multi-use lip combinations for every summer mood. 

For a soft, warm and natural lip pair 19/99 Neutra with Tata Harper Blazé Lip Cream. Combining 19/99's creamy liner with Tata Harpers smoothing moisture-enriched lip cream makes for a dreamy neutral lip, wearable during the day and into the night.

For a bold, bright, vibrant lip, try Henné Luxury Lip Tint in Azalea with 19/99 Roza. The creamy formula of Henné lip tints feel like an elevated version of your favourite lip balm. The high-quality pigment, moisture-rich feel and vibrancy of Roza and Azalea make wearing a bold lip so fun and easy! 


From blending a loose pigment to achieving that wet beach look on the lids, 19/99 High Shine Gloss is what you're craving. This ultra-shine gloss is non-sticky and lightweight enough to be applied anywhere you want some extra shine. Use it as a lip gloss, cheek highlight or on the eyelids for mega moisture and glow.

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