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It's November, and here at Health Hut we're ready to kick off the Holidays! We're hanging the twinkle lights and wreaths with care, and we cannot wait to help you curate the perfect gift(s).

We've been making some exciting additions both online and in-store, so finding the perfect item for your special someone is now easier than ever! Here's what we've got brewing!

Wish Lists: Online & In-store

Maybe you've stopped sending letters to Santa, but we're more than happy to take over! We now have two options for you to start curating your perfect HH Wish List for yourself (or your dear ones), or to send to someone who might be asking what you're really excited about!

Online, all you need to do is log into your account, and simply "Add To Wish List" any items that make you tingly all over! You can keep this for yourself as a reminder, or you can send it to any recipient you wish (Hint hint, wink wink!) You'll find your list as "My Wish List" under our Gifting or Holidays tab on the navigation bar! Easy peasy!

If you prefer to browse and discover product with us in store, we're more than happy to collect your fave Wish List items and add them to your personal account. Next time you pop in and want a reminder, or if someone else comes in looking to shop for you, we'll have it all on hand! ;) 

Staff Wish Lists

Feeling overwhelmed by all the awesomeness available and have trouble choosing? We get it, and we are here for you! We've started a fun new series focusing on Staff Wish Lists! This is a great place to get the what and why of folks who've been using it, loving it and can maybe provide some inspiration! Find them under our Gifting or Holidays tab on the site! 

Shop Strategically

Have a specific budget in mind or a category of product you're looking for? We've got a whole list for those too! Whether you'd like something great Under $100, Stocking Stuffers, a gift for your Homebody buddy or that serious Skincare Enthusiast in your life, we have some amazing picks for any and all scenarios! Find these under our Holidays tab!

Curated Gift Boxes

Want to keep it MEGA simple? Check out our HH Curated Gift Boxes! You can order online, over the phone, or you can even come in and create your own version - we'd love to help! Check them out HERE!

Gift Cards

When in doubt, go for a Gift Card and let your recipient treat themselves! We can fill them in any denomination you'd like, or you can also purchase E-Gift Card online and send to those loved ones who are far away.

Need help creating the perfect gift? Call, email or visit us! :)



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