It's in the Bag: Julie of Ritual Alchemy

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It's in the Bag is inspired by the 90s magazines we grew up with - a peek into the bags of people we love and the things that are important enough to carry with them all day long.

WHO: Julie - HH General Manager and founder of Ritual Alchemy 

BAG OF CHOICE: These days I’m all about tote bags, so I’m currently using my limited Love Earth Tote Bag and have a smaller leather zip clutch from Kala Home where I put all my little to-go’s!  


Daily Ritual Oil by Ritual Alchemy

I’m obsessed with a multi-tasking product, so I formulated a blend to do it all! A small pump over my hands, on hair ends, and anywhere I need a quick moisture boost when out in the sun. It’s so soothing! 

F. Miller Lip Balm

I have lip balms spilling out of every bag, but this one is so buttery and I love the tiny hint of mint in it! Great for summer. 

Liis Eau De Parfum in Bo

I’m all about a deep, sensual scent for summer nights- this one has it all and I never get tired of it! The discovery set has the perfect on-the-go sizes so you can do a quick refresh whenever the mood strikes!

Leslieville Market's Silk Scrunchies

I always have one (or two) silk scrunchies in my bag. These are so cute and soft and great to have on hand when the heat ramps up and you need to get a quick updo going.

Mini Traveler’s Notebook

This is something I don’t leave home without. I love jotting down lists and notes throughout the day!

Aquamarine Crystal

I usually find little stones and crystals spilling out of all places and this aquamarine is one of my faves! Great for a little mental clarity, and I'm also having a moment with everything green right now, lol.


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