Natural Deodorants that Really Work (We Tried Them)

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Natural deodorants are all the rage and they're here to stay. The contemporary clean deodorants that sit on our shop shelves don't sport the typical alternative deodorant vibes that you may have seen in the past.

Think sophisticated scents, effective coverage (with no second guessing throughout the day) and yes, they also apply easily with design-forward sustainable packaging.

We asked three members of the HH team to share their experiences with our current selection of natural deodorants.


MARY, 52, loves to garden. 

I’ve exclusively used natural deodorants for over ten years, probably closer to twenty. Fair to say I’ve tried many. I love that there are so many options now for various strengths, textures and scents.

Earlier this year I started using Salt & Stone Extra Strength deodorant. It’s really important to me that Salt & Stone’s deodorant packaging is made of recovered ocean plastic that’s fully recyclable. After years of scooping messy cream and applying by hand from glass jars to avoid plastic waste, I’m really enjoying the ease of Salt & Stone’s stick format.

The scent is subtle and really unnoticeable unless I’m sweating. It also completely prevents any bacterial smell well into the next morning. I’ve had no issues with Salt & Stone staining my clothes, something I've noticed other cream deodorants do. For me, the stick lasts at least four months—I recommend this product to everyone who asks!

I love the powdery scents of Neroli & Basil and the classic Bergamot & Hinoki. I’m super excited for the newly launched scent Black Rose & Oud.


JENNA, 30, loves to dance.

I flip between two natural deodorants depending on the scent I am feeling that day. The two I go between are Corpus' Neroli Deodorant and Salt & Stone's Santal and Vetiver in the sensitive skin formulation.

I go with Santal and Vetiver most days as the sandalwood and vanilla scent is so gorgeous, like a natural cologne. When I feel like something lighter, I reach for Corpus' Neroli with floral and fresh citrus. It gives me an extra pep on days I'm feeling dull!

My skin is sensitive and reacts to baking soda, so I have to use baking soda-free formulas. I find that both these deodorants are effective at keeping odour away.

The texture and experience of application are very similar with both Salt & Stone and Corpus. They both have a gel formula that glides and doesn't drag on the skin. Neither of these deodorants has ever damaged my clothes. 


JENNY 38, loves riding her bike.

I'm currently going between Salt & Stone and Living Libations Poetic Pits.

I've been using Salt & Stone natural deodorants for years and just love the scent offerings. Salt and Stone's extra strength formula with baking soda works well for me, I love that it goes on with a swipe like traditional deodorants. I can't wait to get the new Black Rose & Oud scent, I LOVE rose anything and everything!

The most surprising natural deodorant I've EVER used is Living Libations Poetic Pits. It's a small roll of pure essential oils and by some magic, it works and works really well! I don't use this as my everyday deodorant, I treat it like the precious oil that it is and save it for feel-good days.

Most recently, I've been using Poetic Pits in Lavender. I love that the essential oils in this formula are also effective for healing bug bites, bruises and small cuts—a perfect outdoor or travel companion. 

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