Founder's Feature: Interview with Gloria Noto of NOTO Botanics

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 Interview with Gloria Noto - NOTO Botanics - Health Hut

We recently chatted with Gloria Noto, founder of NOTO Botanics, one of our newest lines at Health Hut and what has quickly become a much-requested favourite. We not only love Noto's amazing multi-use products but also their overall ethos, gender-fluid messaging and their commitment to do good. Read on to find out more about Gloria, her career path from makeup artist to founder, and some new Noto Botanics arrivals! 

What is your definition of beauty? 
Beauty to me is anything that makes one feel drawn to and curious about.  I think It's a basic statement, but I do see so much beauty in everything. 

What aspects of the beauty industry do you identify with and what aspects do you want to see a change in?
I identify with the imagination and ability to play and experiment with ideas. - I would love to see more growth in acceptance and authentic voices that come from their own experiences rather than other trends.  

What inspired you to transition your career into product development and launch Noto Botanics?
I felt there was a gap in inclusivity and unique design in wellness products.  I felt like I wasn't seeing a platform for inclusivity not only in identity but also in price points. I wanted to bring that unique voice to the industry.

What inspired the ethos behind Noto Botanics?
As a queer person, and first-generation American, I wanted to see more diversity in the wellness space.

We love that your products are gender fluid, a unique (and refreshing) message in the beauty world. Tell us a bit about your decision to take on a more inclusive approach.
I wanted to see more identities showcased because I knew for certain around me there were many individuals who were genderfluid that also loved to use clean products and cared about the environment but weren't being represented. 

What are your top priorities with Noto Botanics this year? Any exciting projects or products we should look out for? 
Building out the new flagship store experiences, launching our new WASH and a new colour. 

NOTO Botanics - The Wash - Health Hut - Canada

What inspired you to create the Agender Oil as a non-profit product? What charity are you supporting this month and why?
I felt that as a brand that claims to care about the environment and social issues, we needed to transform the business model and make it a part of what we do each month. Connecting with and giving back to the organizations we are about. This month we are supporting Black Mama's Matter. 

Proudest business moment?
Opening our flagship in December 2019. 

Top advice for aspiring business owners?
Stay true to your message, focus on your goals, be kind to others, and remember why you are doing what you do.

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New NOTO arrivals to Health Hut 

NOTO Botanics - The Wash

Noto Botanics - Resurface Scrub




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