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Tata Harper boasts some of the loveliest green beauty products, including five amazing cleaners. 

We chatted with Shalini, Regional Retail Executive for Tata Harper in Canada (who you may recognize from the days we used to do in-store facials!) about all the reasons Tata Harper cleansers are just as worthy of your shelf space as any serum, mask or oil.

Why is cleansing, especially at the end of the day, such an important part of a daily routine?

Cleansing is the first step in your skincare routine, it's important because you want to start your day with fresh clean skin. At night when we sleep we sweat and shed skin cells, the morning is a great opportunity to start fresh.

It is equally important to cleanse (and double cleanse) at night. At the end of the day you want to take the day off, that includes your SPF, makeup and all of the oils your skin has products throughout the day. You want absolutely clean skin so the rest of your skincare will absorb nicely into the skin.

Tata Harper cleansers tend to be more pricey than most cleaners. What makes them so special? 

Tata's cleansers are treatment-based cleansers that target specific concerns of the skin. Each time you use one you will be getting multiple results at once! Who doesn't want a multi-tasking product?

We also apply our cleanser on dry skin, and that's because we do not want to dilute the product, we want to get the product directly on the skin to get the maximum benefits.

There are so many to choose from! How does one decide?

Here is a rundown of each of Tata Harper's cleansers, there's something for everyone in the line!

Regenerating Cleanser: This is Tata's daily exfoliator, great for all skin types. This best-selling cleanser provides gentle physical and chemical exfoliation with apricot microspheres and BHA from white willow bark to give you a healthy-looking, radiant glow.

Refreshing Cleanser: This is Tata's softening cleanser, best for sensitive and dry skin types. This gentle cleanser hydrates while removing buildup to soften dry, parched skin to give it a glowing, healthy-looking complexion.

Nourishing Oil CleanserThis is Tata's multivitamin cleansing treatment, great for all skin types. This oil cleanser dissolves makeup and buildup without stripping the skin.

Clarifying CleanserThis foaming cleanser is for blemish-prone and oily skin types. It targets blemish-causing impurities to give you a deep-clean feel and comfortably matte finish without drying out your skin.

Purifying Cleanser: This gel-to-oil cleanser is like a juice cleanse for your face, it also has a fresh citrus smell. Tata's detoxing cleanser purges impurities to give renewed, fresh-looking skin.

Can you tell us a little about the double cleanse?

I LOVE double cleansing! I do this at night because at the end of the day, I still have my makeup and SPF on and one cleanse doesn't do the job! The first step of the double cleanse is removing that first layer of makeup/SPF/oils before actually cleaning the skin. If you don't double cleanser it's kind of like taking a shower without taking off your clothes. You get kinda clean but not thoroughly clean!

To double cleanse with Tata, start with Tata Harper's Nourishing Oil Cleanser to help melt away and remove makeup, SPF and build-up of dirt, oil and debris that has built up throughout the day.

Then, follow with a cleanser that fits your skin needs that day, I enjoy either the Purifying Cleanser to help with congestion or Clarifying Cleanser to help with blemishes or inflammation in the skin. 

What cleanser are you currently using?

At the moment I'm in a heavy rotation of cleansers. I always start my day with the Refreshing Cleanser for a gentle start to my day and I always end my night starting with Nourishing Oil Cleanser and follow that with either Purifying Cleanser or Clarifying Cleanser.

I've been using Clarifying Cleanser a bit more these days because it's the perfect remedy for acne. Typically, I love using the Purifying Cleanser because I love how invigorating the ginger and clove is.

Twice a week I exfoliate using the Regenerating Cleanser. This is by far the best and most gentle physical exfoliant I've ever used, it always leaves my skin feeling hydrated.



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