We Tried Every Tata Harper Mask, Here's What You Want to Know

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This past month, the HH team tried every Tata Harper mask (there are five!) so you know exactly what to expect when adding one into your routine. From healing breakouts, living with air pollution and coming in from a day spent in the sun, we've done our homework.

Here's our take on every Tata Harper mask (and the ones we're adding to our routines).


RACHEL, 30. Combination skin, prone to hormonal breakouts. My skin goals are to keep it clear and balanced! Certain heavier oils, like coconut and olive oil, tend to break me out so I try to avoid them. I've learned that my skin prefers a minimal, consistent skincare routine, so I don't change things up too often.

MARY, 52. My skin is combination, oily in the t-zone with dry patches. I have mild rosacea and am prone to hormonal cystic acne and hyperpigmentation. Recently I’ve started to experience perimenopausal skin changes like thinning, loss of elasticity and a fragile skin barrier.

MELISSA, 26. My skin is combination leaning to oily and VERY sensitive, as i've recently learned. So sensitive that these masks, unfortunately, didn't work out for me.

JENNY, 37. I would describe my skin as a bit dehydrated and more on the oily side. I rarely react to new products and regularly switch up my skincare routine and try new products. I have bangs, so I do find my forehead gets oily throughout the day. I also have larger pores around my nose and cheeks that I like to show some TLC to.

NATALIE, 25. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry patches around the chin. I would say my biggest concern is keeping my skin from looking dull. My perfect skincare routine contains mega moisturizing products that leave me with a glow! I love to layer balms and oils and tend to wear light makeup. I like to treat my skin with regular facials and deep oil cleansing.

JENNA, 30. I have dry skin that is sensitive and acne-prone. My skin gets red when touched and reacts easily to new products. With a fair complexion that scars easily, my main skin concerns are keeping my skin calm while avoiding breakouts and maintaining hydration. My skin does best on a consistent simplified skincare routine.


RACHEL I forgot how much I loved this one! Definitely feels less stimulating and deeply penetrating than the Purifying Mask, but overall a really nice, quick pick-me-up kind of mask. It has a nice subtle scent and fun jelly texture too. Left my skin feeling glowy and tight, not in a dry/dehydrated way at all, but in a smoothing and plumping way.

MARY I was concerned this one might be too active for my skin's sensitivity so I did a patch test on my face, and left it on for only 10 minutes (just until it started to dry). I love the beautiful rose scent, jelly texture and cool feel. I didn't love how my skin felt after use - very tight, dry, and a bit more red than usual. With added moisture overnight the spot felt good and nicely exfoliated but I wouldn't use this for my full face.

However, I tried it a week later on my neck, décolleté and shoulders where my skin is not particularly sensitive and could use some TLC. I really enjoyed the refreshing glow and brightness immediately after use. Happy to say, I'll be using it regularly on this formerly neglected area.

JENNY I learned a little trick with this mask from our Tata Harper Masterclass last summer, use it on top of the Regenerating Cleanser. Because of that, I like to use this mask in the morning so my face glows for the rest of the day. I start with a dry face and apply the Regenerating Cleanser, exfoliating my skin just a bit. With the cleanser still on my face, I put the Resurfacing Mask over top. Sometimes there's a slight tingle. This combo has so many active ingredients for the skin, it's a full facial in two products! I'll make some tea and then hop into the shower to wash everything off after ~10 minutes.

NATALIE I found this mask super beneficial for my dull skin days. If I need a healthy glow, this is the mask I turn to. The plant enzymes really keep my skin looking refreshed, even-toned and bright. When I apply this mask at night (layered with the Regenerating Cleanser) followed by my night skincare routine, I found my skin really drank in everything I layered on top. I always wake up with a soft glow the next morning.

JENNA If I had to choose just one Tata Harper Mask, it would be the Resurfacing Mask, I love the glow it gives me. It is lovely as a weekly exfoliant to keep my skin feeling balanced and glowy. My skin prefers a BHA/AHA mask over clay or mud. The Resurfacing Mask gently polished off any dry skin, revealing a softer, more radiant layer beneath. This one is a new staple in my routine. 


MARY WOW, skip straight to the after because the redness relief knocked my socks off! I used the Hydrating Floral Mask on a day when my face was experiencing a lot of overall redness on my cheeks and uneven skin tone around my mouth and chin. I put it on and lay down for twenty minutes. It was cool and relaxing with a beautiful light floral scent. When I rinsed it off my skin was noticeably brighter with about 20% of the redness completely gone.

By the next morning, my entire face was brighter with a more even tone and about 50% of the redness was completely gone. I've never had such a dramatic or immediate result from any product (or treatment) on my redness! This one won my heart and a permanent place in my routine.

JENNY I loved everything about my experience when using this mask, the floral smell, the thick gel-like texture and the feel of my skin afterwards. I enjoyed putting on this mask after a cleanse and doing some errands around the house. It stayed put on my face and I kept smelling it, again smells like flowers on my face. I'm definitely applying this mask after a day in the sun. 

NATALIE When I first tried this mask, I felt like my skin just took a milky bath infused with wildflowers. First of all, the scent is divine. As if the hydration and plumpness I noticed after using it weren't enough, the relaxing quality of the scent transported me to lavender fields and rose beds. Out of all the Tata Harper masks, this one feels the most luxurious on the skin. I would describe this mask as the Radiance Mask's older sister - it provides hydration to dry skin, plumping to dull skin and nutrients to anyone who wants a little boost of nourishment.

JENNA This mask feels like a drink of water for the skin. It was exceptionally relaxing after a warm day in the sun. My skin was left so soft and plump!


RACHEL Loved the smell and smooth texture of the Purifying Mask. My skin quickly started tingling once I put it on and I did worry a bit that it might be too active for my skin and I'd end up with a tomato face. However, I kept it on for 15 minutes and was happy I did. Once I took it off, my skin hadn't reacted at all, it wasn't even red. My skin looked super clean, fresh and plump! I would keep on for the full 20 mins next time.

MARY Gorgeous whipped texture easily applies nice and thick. This mask has a nice slightly spicy herbal scent from the clove and ginger. I love the mauve colour too, it's so calming. I put this only on my t-zone where my skin was feeling oily on the surface with some clogged and enlarged pores after a long humid day of sweating in sunscreen. I did the rinse off with cold water as Tata recommends, and that felt amazing! The surface oil was gone, and my skin was bright with a nice matte look. It felt much more balanced, soft, plump and not at all stripped or dry (which I was afraid of). I'll definitely use this one regularly in this targeted way this summer.

MELISSA My experience with this mask was really nice! I noticed that my skin felt really clean and not dried out after washing it off. However, the next day, I broke out in two different places and concluded that the mask was a bit too active for my skin.

JENNY This is my favourite mask of them all! I love a clay mask and this one did not disappoint. I used this one when we had a lot of smoke from the forest fires in the city as the ingredients are really good for deep cleaning pores of pollution. I appreciated how fine the clay in this mask is - it went on so smoothly. This mask didn't crack on my skin while it was on, so my skin didn't feel tight and dry, just really, really clean afterwards! I'll be adding this to my routine to help with minimizing pores on and around my nose. 

NATALIE It can be hard to find a clay mask that doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight but this mask really does it all! After trying it, I made a mental note to use this mask after long days walking downtown or travelling to busy cities like Paris or New York. The way it cleaned out my pores and removed excess oil without stripping my skin was so surprising!

JENNA I used the Purifying Mask post-airplane to decongest my skin while travelling. I did experience some breakouts from travel, wearing sunscreen, pollution and sweating and this mask was the relief my skin needed. It left my skin feeling lighter and brighter. I left the mask on for 10 minutes and then gently cleansed it off with cold water.


MARY I first tried this mask on a spot where my skin was swollen and red from an acne cyst, hoping it might help draw it out. It felt comfortable on, though I didn't personally love the stickiness of the honey texture or the slightly sour scent. However, I did enjoy the fine texture of the physical exfoliant when gently scrubbing it off. This mask left the surface of my skin very smooth but otherwise not much changed. I wouldn't use it again for a spot treatment, but I did really enjoy using this product as an exfoliating scrub, especially on my chin, neck and décolleté!

NATALIE Whenever I am experiencing a breakout, no other product can clear up my skin like this BHA and AHA-infused mask. The salicylic acid that's derived from 3 different plant sources does wonders to reduce my active breakouts and prevent oncoming ones. The texture has a slight grit to it and its deep green colour makes me feel like I am putting a super healthy green smoothy all over my skin - I love it.

JENNA I loved this powerhouse mask as a spot treatment, applying a dot to blemishes that I wanted to reduce the size of. It works so well and left my breakouts on the path to healing quickly. I did find that this mask is a bit too stimulating for me all over and for a long period of time. I wore it on just my breakouts for about 20 minutes and then removed it with a cool-damp washcloth.


MARY This was the first Tata mask I wanted to try for my sensitive skin and I was not disappointed! I used it after a week with a lot of screen time at work and smoggy commutes. My skin was depleted, dry and red all over. I enjoyed the texture of this one the best. It's a lovely thick gel and feels instantly cool and calming. There's no strong scent. After use, my skin felt hydrated and calm and looked refreshed and toned. A definite winner for me!

MELISSA Because of my experience with the Purifying Mask, I thought I would try the Radiance mask from Tata Harper's Superkind line. Again, while I loved the experience of putting on the mask (especially the gel-like texture), the next day, I noticed redness and small bumps across my face.

NATALIE I love the texture and gentle quality of this mask! The best way to describe its consistency is like coconut oil when it's semi-melted. I find that the consistency is so enjoyable because it really feels like a protective layer of balancing and soothing oils on my face. My skin definitely looked more radiant and calm after this mask! The perfect time for me to use this mask in my routine would be after sun exposure or, if I'm experiencing dry patches and sensitivity at the same time.

JENNA This mask is such a comfort for my skin. My skin can get fairly pink and stimulated by facial masks, but this one left it so calm. I loved the hydration and the gentle exfoliation. My skin was even toned, hydrated and happy after using this mask.


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