April Monthly Picks

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Wet, damp, soaked. April's weather may have us under an umbrella, but we're embracing this fertile season with long bubble baths, brightening serums and Italian coffee.

This month, we're eagerly awaiting the launch of LESSE's Calming Cleanser, dipping into Suntegrity's line of tinted broad spectrum SPF and filling baskets with fresh greens from local farmer's markets.

Noticing some new names? The HH team is growing! Welcome Sarah and Jenny L. Say hi at our College St and Leslieville shops here in Toronto. Want to join the HH team? We're hiring for Muskoka this summer.


TARA LESSE Calming Cleanser (ready for pre-order!), Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum, Mimar Blue Tansy Face Cream and Tata Harper Lip Crème in Bare.

JENNY T. 19/99 Lash Tint Mascara in Brown, Suntegrity Impeccable Skin in Buff, Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum.

NAT Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum, Tata Harper Floral Essence, Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser and Living Libations Rose Best Skin Ever.

MARY Mimar Eden Nights TonerBefore Purifying Toothpaste - SensitiveSuntegrity Impeccable Skin Broad SPF 30- Nude, and still loving all the LESSE.

JERONNIE Province Apothecary Essential Oil Incense in Black SpruceSuntegrity Impeccable Skin in SandProvince Apothecary Hand Sanitizer.

SARAH Everist Shampoo Concentrate and Conditioner Concentrate, Tata Harper Lip Crème in Bare, Province Apothecary Facial Cupping Set and Province Apothecary Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask Set.

JENNY L. Living Libations Best Skin Ever in SandalwoodTata Harper Clarifying Mask and Graydon Face Food Mineral Mist.


JENNY T. Road trip to see the solar eclipse and painting spring flowers with Still Flower Drawing.

NAT Bathing in the sun, when it's here!

MARY Attending Toronto Palestine Film Festival event Gaza Lives: Honouring Palestinian Artists & Writers April 7th.

JERONNIE Exploring Evergreen Brick Works Saturday Farmer's Market.

SARAH Freelance projects! Working on an album cover, a wedding invite and a short film poster.

JENNY L. Taking a course in Herbal Medicine and practicing Hatha yoga whenever I can.

TARA Dog walks in Muskoka, reading, cooking and listening to Cowboy Carter on repeat.


NAT Homemade mango sticky rice.

MARY Pocket Coffee my brother brought us from Italy. It's too good to be true!

JERONNIE Olive Cilantro Sourdough from St Johns Bakery.

SARAH Vibe Kale Chips I found at the Planted Expo—so yummy!

JENNY L. Fish! I’m reincorporating fish into my diet after being vegetarian for 20 years.

TARA Mushroom Wellington and big salads with Boston lettuce and radicchio, sesame baguettes from La Boulangerie on Dundas.

JENNY T. Going to forge and make Magnolia Cordial.


MARY Crushed Wild Mint by Jess Housty, a collection of poems embodying land love and ancestral wisdom, deeply rooted to the poet’s motherland and their experience as a parent, herbalist and careful observer of the patterns and power of their territory.

JERONNIE Poetry written by my family. 

SARAH City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert.

JENNY L. Unshrinking: How To Face Fat Phobia by Kate Manne.

TARA  The Hearing Test by Eliza Barry Callahan.

JENNY T. American Wildflowers: A Literary Field Guide. Illustrated by Leanne Shapton, one of my fave watercolour artists. 

NAT On Staying Open to the World Around You, an enriching interview with Lydia Ogwang and Jessica Kassiama.


JERONNIE Junez Radio on Spotify.


JENNY L. AnthroDish PodcastBeyond The Self Podcast with Africa Brook

TARA Beyonce's new album Cowboy Carter.

JENNY T. Devil(')s D/heal by Bearded Kingface—a local Toronto Hip-hop artist and producer. 

NAT The Gentleman on Netflix.

MARY Lemon Bucket Orkestragood friends and the world's finest Slavic-Balkan-Klezmer-Party-Punk band!

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