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Pull up a chair with us as we visit with Graydon Moffat in her sun-soaked south-facing kitchen to chat about cocktails, homemade concoctions and self-care.

We learn how this back-of-house pastry chef refined her love of superfoods to develop Graydon Skincare, a line of products that can be layered and blended to give our skin just what it's craving. 

Graydon Skincare

WHO: Graydon Moffat, the founder of Graydon

Health Hut: Graydon, thanks so much for taking the time to share a more personal slice of life with us! We're excited to learn more about your day-to-day routine and how you spend your time when you're working and creating. Why don’t you start by sharing which space in your home is your favourite and what makes it so special?

Graydon Moffat: When I’m not working, I’m cooking, so the only areas of my home where I spend any significant amount of time are my office and my kitchen. My kitchen isn’t my dream kitchen but it is a very special space for me; it’s where I set myself up for success in terms of wellness. 

I start every day in my kitchen doing food prep. As a business owner, things can get hectic and I need nourishing foods that are ready to go. So in the morning I chop vegetables, make broths, sauces and beverages. My kitchen has a big south-facing sliding glass door so I can look into my backyard and just zen out and sort of meditate while I prepare my food for the day. 

This is a very meaningful time for me because it’s pretty much the only time I’m not working and focusing on my physical and mental health.

My office is another very special area of my home. It’s where I spend the majority of my time and really has everything that I need: a chaise lounge for meditating, yoga equipment, a deck where I can get some sunshine when it’s warm out and even a washroom. 

There are other rooms in my home but if I’m not in my kitchen, I’m in my office.

Health Hut: You’ve carved such an interesting path in your professional life, tell us a little bit about how you grew from being a vegan chef to creating your own skincare line.

Graydon Moffat: You may know that Graydon Skincare started in my kitchen. With my background as a vegan chef, I had an interest in superfoods and started using my favourites to whip up skincare concoctions. I shared those early creations with my friends and yoga students (at the time I was also a yoga instructor) and the feedback was glowing. The company grew from there and to this day, our skincare formulas are still inspired by my time in the kitchen and my passion for nutrient-rich superfoods.

Health Hut: What is one of your favourite skincare rituals and which Graydon product would you never want to be without?

Graydon Moffat: I use Aloe Milk to actively massage my face every morning and evening. I have a variety of facial tools, including a gua sha and jade roller, but for me, there’s nothing as effective or enjoyable as using my fingertips. Not only do I prefer the skin on skin contact, but by using my fingers I can really focus on pressure points and give myself a little love where I need it most. Using Aloe Milk diluted with water to perform a facial massage helps to clean and prime the skin while improving circulation.

Health Hut: When you have a day all to yourself, what are you doing to unwind and feel good?

Graydon Moffat: It’s kind of embarrassing but I don’t have a TV or a comfy sofa. For me, unwinding is spending time in my kitchen. Outside of that, I really enjoy taking baths. I make it a pampering experience where I blend our Intimacy Oil and All Over Soap in my bath water to create a hydrating bubble bath. Before I slide in, I apply a hair mask using our Matcha Mint Hair Smoothie and a face mask using our Putty. If I really want to indulge, I’ll make a warm cocktail of Japanese sake mixed with ginger, honey, lemon and white or green tea to sip while I soak. My son introduced me to Trip App (by Field Trip Health) and they have soundtracks to play if you’re doing psychedelic therapy. I find that these soundtracks are great and very meditative. They elevate my mood even without any other intervention (if you know what I mean). So I’ll put on one of these soundtracks and just meditate in the bath while I sip my cocktail. 

I don’t have a lot of time to commit to reading so I like things that are easily digestible but still offer value. I’m a big fan of the Elephant Journal Newsletter. Their messages are so uplifting, motivating and helpful to me so that’s what I make time to read. The founder of Elephant Journal, Waylon Lewis, has a new book coming out called "It’s Never too Late to Fall in Love with Your Life". I don’t usually buy books but I really like the sound of this one and might make an exception.

Health Hut: Last year, Graydon Skincare released the new Moon Boost Serum (which we are all OBSESSED with). What was your vision for this product? What else would you love to see come to fruition for Graydon in the next few years ahead?

Graydon Moffat: I’m so happy to hear that you love Moon Boost. My vision was to create a product that contained all the vitamins needed to fully support every aspect of skin health. And of course it was important to me that the product be suitable for everyone: all genders, skin types and tones. Actively nourishing your skin is important every day, but even more so when we transition from season to season. Formulated with seven vitamins, Moon Boost brings out the best in the skin all year round.

As for what’s next, we’re always striving to improve our sustainability. The beauty industry is one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste and I do not take that lightly. Our serums are housed in easily recyclable glass bottles and some of our other products are packaged in Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic bottles. 

We recognize that more can be done. One dollar from every 30 mL bottle of Fullmoon Serum is donated to the Ocean Legacy Foundation. This amazing non-profit works to clean up shorelines and divert plastic ocean waste from landfills. So far, donations from sales of Fullmoon Serum have resulted in diverting over 3000 pounds of ocean plastic. To help reduce plastic waste, we’ve partnered with Pact Collective to ensure that all components of our packaging are 100% recyclable. 

We’re also working hard to replace our plastic bottles with a more sustainable option. It’s a slow process and we’ve encountered some challenges but we won’t give up!

We’re moving in the right direction with the upcoming release of our new mask. Our goal is to package this exciting new product in 100% PCR glass jars. So that’s something else that we’ve been working on for a while that’s about to come to fruition.

Health Hut: Favourite dish you could eat over and over, favourite place you could travel to endlessly and current favourite simple, everyday pleasure?

Graydon Moffat: It’s not really a complete dish, but I make a cilantro and pumpkin seed pesto that I eat regularly and never get tired of. Cilantro is a powerful ingredient that’s loaded with chlorophyll and vitamin C. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of healthy fat, fibre and zinc. Add some citrus juice, garlic, a little maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil and some other goodies then blend it all together and you’ve got a versatile treat that’s indulgent and healthy! I put it on everything and, if I’m being honest, even eat it straight out of the jar sometimes.

I recently stayed at an eco-lodge in the Dominican Republic with my son, Julian. Waking up in the jungle with large insects and small animals and exploring the natural beaches was such a freeing experience. I really enjoyed being surrounded by pure, simple beauty. I’ve travelled quite a bit, but there was something about that experience that really spoke to me and I’d love to go back.

Now that it’s warm in Toronto, my favourite simple pleasure is just getting outside for a walk with my dog, Odie. I’ll usually whip up a beverage concoction, pour it in a mason jar and stroll around the neighbourhood. The fresh, summer air and the subtle warmth of the sun are just so uplifting.


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Turkish Towel

Dried Flower Bouquet

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Moon Boost Serum

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