It's in the Bag: Nitasha of The Cure

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The Cure Health Hut

The Cure Health Hut


It's in the Bag is inspired by the 90s magazines we grew up with - a peek into the bags of people we love and the things that are important enough to carry with them all day long.

WHO: Nitasha Goel, 40 - Owner and Maker of The Cure Skincare

WHERE: Nova Scotia! The Cure Studio is located on our home property so most of the time when we go out it’s either to the beach, to the grocery store or out for dinner. Generally, the items that I grab to put in my bag are things that are going to keep me hydrated throughout my outing.

BAG OF CHOICE: My summer bag is this cute woven bag that I bought on a recent trip to Mexico City, it was purchased at a very adorable boutique in La Condesa. This bag is filled with memories of that trip that I took with my husband - it's near and dear to my heart.


The Cure Lip Balm

This lip balm is insanely hydrating, not only does it have amazing fatty acids it also helps to hydrate dry and chapped lips. The chunky container makes it super easy to find in a messy bag like mine.

The Cure Hand + Cuticle Serum

This little product packs a punch, not only is it amazing to hydrate your hands - the rollerball makes it so easy to apply. It also acts as an amazing scent - if I’m out and I feel like I want a little pick me up, this does the trick. 

The Cure Boosting Mist

This is a summer addition to my bag. I love to store my Boosting Mist in the fridge during the summer - it feels so good on a hot summer day. When I head out I love to spray the mist throughout the day to give my skin a boost of hydration. 

Dog Treats 

If we’re going to the beach we always take our dogs with us. We have two old English bulldogs, a five-year-old rescue, Roti G and a 10-month-old puppy, Cardi B. Cardi is still training so wherever I go, treats go.


I have a big passion for sunglasses! Currently, my go-to sunglasses are my black-framed Gentle Monsters. These frames are extremely light and the lens quality is amazing. For me, it's important to invest in good eyewear to protect my eyes from the sun.


And I always have my phone on me to take cute photos of my dogs, inspiration photos for The Cure and voice notes when I am feeling inspired.


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