At Home With: April Gargiulo, Founder of Vintner's Daughter

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At HH, we love supporting brands that commit to outstanding quality standards while giving back to the community and our planet. As we continue to honour Earth Month, we're so excited to connect with April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner's Daughter, for a deeper look into the woman behind one of our all time favourite skin duos.

Who: April Gargiulo, the founder behind Vintner’s Daughter

Health Hut: Wow, April - thank you for taking the time to chat with us here at Health Hut. Right out the gate, we‘d love to talk to you more about Vintner’s Daughter’s Fewer, Better campaign that launched this month in celebration of Mother Earth. It is here we’d love to know more about the importance of sustainability to you personally but also, professionally.  

April Gargiulo: We exist to not only impact your skin in the most beneficial ways, but to have a positive impact on the world. Social and environmental responsibility are infused into every aspect of our business, from sourcing and packaging to distribution, voluntary certifications and donating 2% of revenue to charities benefiting women, children and the environment. This way of operating requires more time and resources, but we believe it is the best way to do business. We are proud of the strides we have made but also for our customers and stockist partners.Your and their conscious decision to invest in products made with a sense of responsibility and respect for each other and our planet is what allows us to continue this work. We are deeply grateful for this partnership. 

HH: It's amazing Vintner’s Daughter donates a percentage of revenue back to charities in support of women and children and the environment, what are three pieces of advice you have for our community when it comes to making changes in their daily lives in support of the environment.

April Gargiulo: I try to be very considerate of all my purchases from clothes, to groceries to furniture. I try to only buy what I absolutely need and what I will love and cherish from companies who place a high value on social and environmental impact. 

HH: You were once quoted giving the following piece of advice “Be meticulous, don’t take shortcuts. Everything you do has to matter, and be done with true intention and purpose”. We love these wise words. What additional advice would you give to women in business? 
April Gargiulo: Set your vision and pursue it with incredible heart, hustle and deep rest when you need it. Surround yourself with incredible people who can help you achieve your goals. Be disciplined and focused and stay on track. There will be lots of shiny, glittery objects to distract you. Remember what your north star is and keep moving towards it. And when you make a mistake, learn from it and move on. Be generous with yourself and others. And lastly, let gratitude be the virtue that underscores everything you do. 

HH: It’s Saturday morning of a long weekend, your kids and partner are busy and you have the morning to yourself. Where are you? Are your phone notifications silenced? What time are you getting out of bed? Do you slip into a silk robe and slippers? Run a bubble bath? What does April’s day off look like? 
April Gargiulo: My morning routine is treasured and something I look forward to as I go to sleep. It starts with a beautiful pot of single origin, organic loose leaf oolong tea and fresh spring water. We introduced a delicious tea blend this last fall called Oolong Radiance that feeds your skin from the inside out with many of the same whole botanicals that we use in our skincare formulations. It keeps selling out, but I drink that whenever possible. This is also when I meditate, which is a daily practice. A daily gratitude practice is also big for me. Every day, but especially on my most busy, painful and frustrating days I take the time to show gratitude for the big and the small. 


HH: Let’s switch gears and talk about the office space you designed for your VD team along side Chloe Redmond Warner (gasp!!) from Redmond Aldrich Design. While HH is first and foremost a natural skincare, self-care and lifestyle goods shop we have a massive affinity to interior design, like you. Talk us through your vision for the space, the textures and we are dying to know what you consider your most coveted piece is in your office. 

April Gargiulo: I was very excited to express our brand values through the design of our office space. To see our commitment to quality and craftsmanship in skincare, come to life in a space was truly exciting. Our amazing designer, Chloe Warner of Redmond Aldrich was up for the challenge. Sustainability is really important to Vintner’s Daughter, so as many items as we could were sourced locally through vintage shops, 1stdibs and Chairish. For the overall design we had a vision of Northern California by way of French architecture and design from the early 30s, 40s, and 50s. That is obviously a very out there description, but Chloe and I had a shorthand from day one, and she was able to bring that vision to life in the most beautiful and functional way. It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite piece in the space, but I love the vintage Josef Hoffmann Mid-Century Modern bentwood chairs we have around the library table. I not so secretly want them for my house too. 
HH: April, we can’t wait for you to come visit Toronto. As this interview comes to a close - thank you for your time and sharing a deeper insight into your Fewer, Better campaign and of course, sharing a deeper look into you, as an incredible woman. Any hints to what’s to come for the rest of 2022? What can we expect in clean beauty and skincare from Vintner’s Daughter?
April Gargiulo:  For a product to wear a Vintner’s Daughter label, it must be game-changing, category-defining and deliver transformational multi-beneficial results. These are very high standards that take years to achieve. Of course creating product after product increases your sales, but we are not driven by revenue, we are driven by integrity and skin health. This is not to say we will never release a new product. I hope we will and when we do, our customers will know that it offers something that no other product does. 

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