Fewer, Better: Kicking Off Earth Month with Vintner's Daughter

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Earth Month is upon us and HH is excited to celebrate with one of our favourite brands, Vintner's Daughter, on their 'Fewer, Better' campaign.   

Vintner's Daughter is at heart, all about a ‘less is more’ approach, creating product that ensures skin can be restored to its best, most radiant state, without compromise. This was a foundational concept for Founder April Gargiulo, who likes to think that if 'fewer products can do the work of many, they should.' What a great way to kick off Earth Month, by rethinking about what we consume, how and why.

We know many of you have so many questions when it comes to VD, so we're here to demystify one of our most iconic products!

1. Is Vintner's Daughter worth the hype? 

We get asked this question - A LOT. What's with all the fanfare (and the matching price point), and well - is it worth it? To put it simply, absolutely! And here's why.

Both the Active Botanical Serum and Treatment Essence have gone through meticulous and stringent processes (similar to and inspired by April's background in wine making), so that each batch is infused for weeks (yes- weeks! the Serum for 3 and the Essence 5!) There are zero shortcuts in the creation of these products. The Serum includes 22 of the world's most nutrient-rich botanicals, steeped in the foundational oils to yield the most potent, nutrient-dense, effective and active results. What you're left with is soothed, glowing, rejuvenated skin and yes-it really is the only oil you need! Your skin will look better the more you use it, so what more can you ask for? 

The Active Treatment Essence was meticulously crafted to add hydration, micro-exfoliation, promote collagen stimulation, and brighten. This product will replace your toner, vitamin c, acid exfoliant, and hyaluronic acid in one simple step! It is a workhorse that took over 5 years to perfect, so yes, patience does indeed pay off! And for those of you who notice a slight "vinegar" scent, that's because the Essence has an added 2 week fermentation process during formulation, to ensure even deeper nutrient absorption and bio-availability to the skin! 

2. How do you use the products (and are both necessary)?

Do you really need both? Our short answer - Yes! These were specially formulated to enhance each other's performance and create a super-powered, yet mega simple routine. For those of you who appreciate a multi-tasking product that will enable you to do a complete routine in 2 quick steps with incredible results, this is the product for you!

VD have created their own "Push/Press" and "Pat/Press" methods which are great ways to activate and get the product to penetrate fully into the skin for maximum results.

Step 1: Active Treatment Essence is your first step. Dispense around 1/3 of a dropper into the palm of your hand and disperse the liquid into both hands. Pat and press the product into the face until fully absorbed. Now you're ready to apply your serum!

Step 2: The best way to apply your Active Botanical Serum is to rub 5-6 drops of the Serum between both hands to warm & activate it, then push & press the product into the face/neck/décolleté area until fully absorbed. 

You're done!

3. Why do we love them so much?

There are many (many) things we love about Vintner's Daughter, and after using the product steadily and learning all about the care and integrity that stands behind the products and the brand itself, it's hard not to become a devotee! April has spent so much time with research, development and testing, and we love the passion that has gone behind this project. VD has garnered an incredible fanbase purely on word of mouth alone, and that speaks volumes. 

The Botanical Serum has become a cult fave around here, from its texture and quick application, to the gorgeous and soothing scent. We call it "liquid gold" and with good reason. It's got us hydrated, radiant and with so few products, it almost feels too good to be true! Once we started incorporating The Essence along with the serum, it's been easy to pair down our routines to the bare minimum without feeling like anything is missing. And we love our skincare, so that's saying a lot! 

So for those of you who love the idea of minimizing your skincare routines, supporting a brand that is invested in quality over quantity, in ethical sourcing, thoughtful and environmentally friendly packaging and giving back to the community--look no further.

Vintner's Daughter will have your skin smiling in no time.   




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