Deep Dive: Graydon's Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream

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We love Graydon's Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream for its velvety-richness and natural blue colour. Find out what makes this cream stand out and how to pair it with other products to get the most out of it this season.

If you're looking for a cream to protect and hydrate your skin during the chillier months, look no further than Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream. Its formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin and can also double as an eye cream, we just love a duo-purpose product. 

Here are some of the stand-out ingredients in Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream and how they're showing up for your skin:


  • works at minimizing free radicals
  • contains glycine and proline which support collagen production and firmer-looking skin


  • a proprietary extract from blue spirulina
  • helps prevent inflammation
  • has powerful antioxidant properties to combat free radicals
  • gives Berry Rich its natural blue colour


  • rich in omega fatty acids that help to reinforce the skin barrier and keep skin hydrated
  • powerful antioxidant properties to work against free radicals 
  • shown to minimize UV damage (but not a replacement for SPF)
  • believed to protect skin from premature signs of aging caused by blue light


  • live organisms that, when applied topically, promote healthy bacteria to flourish on the skin helping to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier
  • reduces transepidermal water loss to keep the skin hydrated
  • protects the skin from external aggressors 
  • helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria on the skin

SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE: Get To Know Blue Majik Both Inside and Out

Graydon, founder of Graydon Skincare utilizes Blue Majik in her skincare routine and also in the kitchen. She says, "in my opinion, Blue Majik is the superfood of all superfoods!" 

Here's Graydon's Superfood Smoothie recipe that inspired Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream:

"Whenever I need an energy boost, I combine nutrient-rich Blue Majik with frozen, Canadian, wild blueberries and coconut yogurt for a hit of probiotics. To this base, I add frozen sliced bananas, a drizzle of Canadian maple syrup, a small chunk of dark chocolate, a few drops of vanilla and half a cup of water. Sometimes I’ll toss in a scoop of plant-based protein too."

PERFECT PAIRINGS: Personalizing Your Skincare Routine

Graydon products are designed to work together, which means you can confidentially mix whichever products work best for your skin.

When it comes to mixing Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream, try Graydon's Soothe + Hydrate Skin Smoothie. One pump of Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream, 1–2 drops of Moon Boost Serum and 1 spritz of Face Food Mineral Mist mixed in the palm of your hand before applying.

This combination hydrates and nourishes the skin. You can also mix a half pump of Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream with a half pump of Super Sensitive Skin Stuff Face + Eye Cream to really amp up the hydration and skin barrier protection.

Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream can be used morning and/or night. It should be applied to freshly cleansed skin after applying a serum (if using one). When applying Berry Rich around the eye area, gently tap the product into the skin using your ring finger.

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