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It's that strange time between winter and fake spring. Here at Health Hut, we are sipping our brown sugar oat americanos, listening to Local Natives and sitting down with the one and only, Fran Miller. It is here we get a rare glimpse into the founder and natural beauty pioneer behind F. Miller Skincare.

Health Hut: Alright Fran, let's dive in - what's your star sign and what does it mean to you / how accurate is your sign to your personality?

Fran Miller: I’m a Gemini sun, Leo moon & rising. I definitely connect to many traits across both signs, and some not at all. I’ve also loved learning about Human Design (I’m a Projector) which I find to be super eye-opening and transformational in terms of understanding how we’re hardwired.

HH: We have been hearing a lot of people talk about Human Design types - this is something we need to look into. On the note of being a projector - the last two years have been tough on us all - what is one deep truth or lesson you have learned from your time at home that you think others may take inspiration from?

FM: Gratitude — for the tiny, mundane details just as much as the bigger ones. How fulfilling and abundant life can be when you approach every day with a mindset of gratitude and sufficiency rather than scarcity. 

HH: That is a truth that often comes with age and experience, but doesn't have to. We love this piece of advice. We'd also love to know more about your daily routine. It’s Saturday morning, Jackie (Fran’s uber stylish partner - no really; she is a killer stylist here in Toronto) is out of town and you’ve got the house to yourself - from sunrise to sunset - how do you ground yourself in the morning? What can we find you doing before 9AM? 

FM: I’m hitting snooze and rolling out of bed closer to 9am, on a good Saturday. My dog, Bagel, is no help in my quest to become more of a morning person and needs to be lured out of bed with the promise of food just as I do with coffee. I do 5-10 minutes of stretches and a quick skincare routine — F. Miller Toning Mist, Face Oil, and Eye Oil. I always light living room incense on the way to the kitchen, and take all my vitamins and supplements while making coffee. If it’s nice out, Bagel and I will go for a walk to High Park (picking up a croissant to share along the way), otherwise you’ll find me on the couch for a while with coffee, some sort of fun breakfast, and a book. After reaching a point of burnout a while ago, I started this year with much more intention in terms of how I spend my days and the time I block out to truly rest and regenerate. Weekends are reserved for uncompromising pleasure, relaxation, and creative inspiration, whether that’s trying new recipes, visiting a gallery, buying flowers, or doing nothing at all. My perfect evening involves a bowl of pasta, watching the sunset, herbal tea, a bath, and a face mask — I’ve been adding Artifact Fin Soak Bath Milk and a few pumps of F. Miller Body Oil to (my bath) water for added hydration and I’m currently loving Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask as we transition seasons. 

HH: We love the experimentation of Artifact's Bath Milk and your Body Oil. We will add this to the HH lineup. Speaking of experimenting - your home was recently featured in Architectural Digest / Clever, congrats (!!) - the feature is rooted in how you and Jackie are continuously experimenting with home design. What is the most coveted piece in your home? (a piece of art, furniture, the dog lol - jokes), what was the biggest investment piece? And lastly, what is the best-scored item (vintage, marketplace or inherited?) 

FM: Obviously, the dog. Aside from him, it’s hard to choose since all of the pieces we bring into our home are meaningful in some way. One of the most cherished would probably be our Artek dining set — we started collecting it a few years ago, acquiring the vintage chairs one by one, and finally completing it this year with the table. Our Togo chair is our biggest investment piece, something we always envisioned in our space and knew we would love forever, regardless of where we lived. Best-scored item might be the tall solid wood chair we have by the front door, which we found for $50. Also our new (free) couch that we’re about to reupholster — a 90’s Ligne Roset sectional that’s been floating around my family for years and finally found its place in our living room. 

HH: This has been such a delight and beautiful insight into you. As this interview comes to a close - thank you for your time and for creating such spectacular skincare products. We love everything thus far in your collection. Any hints to what’s to come for the rest of 2022? What can we expect in clean beauty and skincare with F. Miller?

FM: Thank you so much for having me! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, both in the worlds of skincare and objects, so I’m excited to unveil them to our community as they’re ready this year. Stay tuned for some newness as well as some of our core essentials, reimagined ;)



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