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As the temperature fluctuates, so can the balance of our skin's moisture barrier - and with that comes dryness, itchiness or any number of unfortunate moments we occasionally have to work through. If you're looking to maintain happy, rejuvenated (do we dare say, luminous?) skin all over, here are some of our top tips and products we're currently loving.

Exfoliation Nation

Here's the good news: rejuvenated, hydrated and happy skin can start quite simply, and it all begins with exfoliation! We spend lots of time caring for the skin on our cute little faces, but do we put the same amount of attention on the rest of our body? All skin benefits from a little TLC and exfoliation is a great start on the journey to glowing skin. Body exfoliation has many benefits, like promoting circulation, clearing congestion, preventing dead skin cell build-up and maintaining softness. It's a no brainer!

Dry Brushing vs. Body Scrubs

There are two easy ways you can exfoliate at home, using either a dry brush or body scrub, depending on your preference. Dry brushing is a centuries-old ritual that is praised for brightening the skin, promoting circulation and enabling better absorption of moisture as it rids the build-up of dead cells on the surface. This ritual is done before you shower, always on dry skin, with circular motions moving from the feet upwards towards the heart. It feels deeply invigorating and keeps the skin baby soft! 

Body scrubs are great for those of you who enjoy using a product in the shower with the added benefit of a great aromatic experience as well! Normally made of a sugar or salt base and infused with oils, this option is great if you're short on time or need a little boost of aromatherapy in the shower.

Sayula Agave Cloth

We love Sayula because all of their products are made of Agave fibre, are compostable and work wonders on the skin. This body cloth is incredible at getting all those hard to reach places, like the back of the legs, your bottom and your back. This is a great one to use before hopping into the shower as it can cover a lot of ground in little time!

Sayula Agave Mitt 

This mitt is a classic and can be used dry or wet! It's handle provides such an easy grip that it's a no-nonsense quick tool that you can even combine with your shower gel, soap or whatever. Just pop some product directly onto the mitt and you have instant, cleansing/exfoliating action! 

Come Clean Mitt 

Want to re-create the Turkish bath experience? look no further! This mitt was created to use on wet skin, but without any product. You'll feel like you've got newborn skin after this experience. 

Lovefresh Sugar Scrubs 

A best-selling product here at HH, the Lovefresh sugar scrubs are a classic to keep on hand for those days you just need a beautiful scent and nourishing scrub to maintain that glow. Choose from any of their incredible scents: Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Vanilla Coffee


Now that your skin is buffed, clean and rejuvenated, it's time to replenish and seal in that moisture! A great tip for ensuring your skin pulls in as much moisture as possible is to apply your product on slightly damp skin. It will absorb quicker and deeper for ultimate results. Here are some of our current top picks for balancing and moisturizing your bod! 

The Cure Apothecary Body Serum 

This is a new kid on the block and we are loving it! This beautiful and nourishing body serum is rich, absorbs quickly and has a lovely, silky feel! With the subtle blend of Frankincense, Blood Orange and Vanilla, your skin will sing from the indulgence! 

F. Miller Body Oil 

This body oil is so luxurious and smells so heavenly, it will quickly become a staple! With its skin-fortifying blend of botanicals this will keep you hydrated, toned and soft all day long! 

Sade Baron Cloud Body Cream 

For the minimalist out there, this is the cream for you! Sade Baron's Cloud Body Cream is unscented and a powerhouse in treating extra dry skin in need of TLC. Loaded with vitamin E, Camellia and Hempseed oil, this cream is incredible at reversing moisture loss, sealing it in and ensuring you never see a dry day again.

Apprenti Ôr'ganik Therapeutic Body Butter 

Those of you who love a richer, more decadent body butter should give this one a try! With its antioxidant rich blend of Green Tea, Shiitake and soothing Oatmeal, this formula will replenish and calm even the most sensitive skin.

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