Founder's Feature: Fran Miller of F. Miller Skincare

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This week we are so excited to connect with Fran Miller, founder of F. Miller Skincare and one of our absolute local faves (they're located just down the street from our College shop!) We chat about the importance of simplicity, intuition and how a "less but better" philosophy ties into skincare.

What inspired you to start a line of your own, and did you already have skincare and/or product development experience? 

I initially dreamt up the brand about 9 years ago, selfishly, with the aim of addressing my own skincare needs. I had always struggled with skin sensitivities and breakouts, and only began seeing results upon shifting my routine to a simpler, cleaner, more nourishing one, led by an intuitive approach. At the time, I found most of my skincare options to feel overwhelming, complicated, ineffective, and/or unattainable. I believed that I could fill this noticeable gap for thoughtful non-toxic skincare essentials that also resonated with values of transparency, sustainability and beautiful design. 

I came from a fashion background but had always had a (somewhat obsessive) love for beauty and cosmetics. I took a deep dive into natural formulation once I decided to create the line, and eventually partnered with some amazing cosmetic chemists and herbalists to help bring my vision to life. 


Which product in your line is a must for you when going away? 

The Eye Oil is probably my top travel must-have, due its endless multi-functional abilities. I use it on lips and cuticles in addition to the eye area, it’s an instant brightener for tired skin, and the perfect size for any bag. 


What’s your skincare philosophy?

Less but better. 


Fave summer skincare routine/treat?

A generous spritz of Toning Mist, straight from the fridge. 


What do you love most about oils (and do you have a favourite one)?

A simple organic oil blend was one of the first things I saw true results from, and my obsession with oils began soon after. Plant oils have a level of efficacy that's hard to beat and are incredibly multi-tasking, each with an abundance of deeply nourishing, skin-supporting benefits. It’s hard to choose just one! But I’d probably say Rosehip Seed oil for its incredible concentration of Vitamins C, A, and essential fatty acids, and its powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and moisturizing properties. It’s a powerhouse that can be found in our Face Oil, Eye Oil, and Body Oil

Best skincare advice you’ve ever gotten?

Listen to what your skin is telling you and prioritize a supportive approach rather than attacking your skin with a million different things. Also, water. 


2-3 products you always keep on your bedside table? 

FM Lip Balm and FM Nalgene filled with water. 


Who or what is inspiring you right now?

Summer farmer’s markets, neighbourhood flowers and butterflies, dreaming up a future trip to Italy.


“This or That”

Oil or Cream cleanser? Oil

Salty or Sweet? Sweet

Cook or Order in? Cook

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Binge-worthy series or Movie? Binge-worthy series

City or country? Country

Paper or computer? Paper

Bath or shower? Bath

Drake or no? No

“What is your current feel-good…”

Binge-worthy show? Ted Lasso 

Toronto eatery? Twenty Victoria

Local Shop? Avenue Rd flower shops

Evening snack? Ice cream

Song? Big Time Sensuality, Björk

Ritual when you get home? Hug my dog

Activity to wind down? An evening walk 

Warm beverage? Hojicha tea latte

Self-care practice? Warm bath soak, a manuka honey face mask, and post-bath Body Oil massage


Thanks so much Fran! 

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