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Health Hut facials are an opportunity to experience and engage with products from two of our bestselling skincare brands, Monastery and Province Apothecary.

To better understand what to expect from a facial service and what’s currently on the menu, we sat down with Jeronnie, our expert and resident esthetician. Read the full conversation below.


HH: Which facial would you recommend for sensitive, reactive skin?

Jeronnie: The best service for sensitive or reactive skin is the 60-minute Province Apothecary Organic Facial. Province Apothecary is a local brand in Toronto that uses gentle and organic ingredients that can target any skincare goal. In this facial, I use techniques grounded in ancient holistic modalities.

Province Apothecary uses a blend of oils to help soothe and heal by hydrating and calming the skin barrier. These products are crafted to be gentle, making this service fabulous for irritated, inflamed or break-out-prone skin.

Province Apothecary formulas are also nut and gluten-free.


HH: Which facial would you recommend for a good exfoliation?

Jeronnie: The Monastery and Province Apothecary facials include exfoliation but use different approaches and intensity. The main distinction between the two services is the exfoliating methods; Monastery is active, using a natural acid, and Province Apothecary is through physical stimulation.

Monastery facials include a rose glycolic gel mask that maximizes the depth of enzyme activity from the acid in pineapple and other citrus fruits. The glycolic acid properties dissolve dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to give way to fresher, smoother skin. The rose extract in this mask acts as a balancing counterpart to the glycolic exfoliant, which contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin.

In contrast, Province Apothecary facials uses physical techniques and tools to achieve gentle exfoliation. Dry brushes are used to exfoliate the skin. Through small circular motions, the gentle bristles open the lymphatic pathways and physically polish away dead skin cells. I follow this step with an organic honey mask to naturally lift and loosen dry skin, also acting as an additional exfoliant.


HH: Can you tell us more about the lymphatic massage techniques you use?

Jeronnie: The Province Apothecary and Monastery services include a focused lymphatic facial massage, applying varying techniques and tools in each.

The Province Apothecary Cupping Facial provides the most focused time dedicated to massage, varying in depth and pressure. I begin with massage to the face, scalp, and décolleté with acupressure techniques. To achieve pressure that is more evenly distributed, I then use the Province Apothecary Dual-Action Jade Facial Roller. The final tools used in this service are the Province Apothecary cups from the Facial Cupping Set. These sculpt and plump the skin.

The Monastery Gua Sha Facial includes sculpting massage with — you guessed it! The Unakite Gua Sha is used to achieve advanced lymph drain and deep pressure massage. The gua sha allows me to target facial muscles with more precision and distributed pressure.


HH: What can I expect for my first facial experience?

Jeronnie: With your first facial, there are three priorities before the service begins: 1) discuss personal skin concerns and goals, 2) establish comfort and pressure levels, 3) collaboratively craft a custom treatment for your appointment. 

The foundation of our facial experience is that these treatments are an opportunity to learn more about your skin, practice self-care and relax in the moment. 


If you have any further questions about which facial is right for you, allow us to assist! We would love to hear from you. All inquiries can be directed to orders@shophealthhut.com



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