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We’ve been noticing a fun trend in finding a signature scent that's perfectly suited to your personality, unique nature and aspirations,  combining fragrance. You read that right, a spritz of one and a spritz of another for a scent like no other.

This creative approach is all about ease and layering what you love. Finding a scent that feels like a second skin doesn't have to be hard. Open up your options and try these winning duos from Liis. 

Started by friends, Alissa and Leslie, Liis is known for its clean approach to fragrance using natural grain alcohol farmed in the US with high-quality, conscious ingredients selected from around the world. We appreciate that each eau de parfum is formulated without preservatives, dyes, phthalates or sulfates while also being cruelty-free, vegan, and allergy-tested.

Here are 5 combinations from Liis you can try to elevate your scent style. Keep in mind, fragrance wears on everyone differently. Each of these duos will harmonize with your body in beautiful ways, aka no one is going to smell like you. 


Studied is the original Liis scent that made this brand an immediate cult fave back in 2020. Studied is musky, followed closely with floral notes of one of the world's rarest perfume ingredients, Orris.

Pair with Lucienne to balance with fun notes of pomelo and magnolia.

OCCASION: A summer reading foray in the park.

YOU'LL LIKE THIS IF: You love the complexity of old and new, think old libraries filled with fresh flowers. 


Rose Struck is everything rose and everything intriguing in a floral fragrance. It's deep and sophisticated while also playing with citrus and sweeter notes. 

Ground floral fun with Bo’s heavier notes of tobacco and vanilla for a confident and bold scent. 

OCCASION: Anything celebratory - you made your bed today, birthday brunch, first day at a new job.

YOU'LL LIKE THIS IF: Summer campfires in a ball gown sound like a good idea.


Lean into the warmth of Bo's woodsy notes by pairing it with Floating. The sequoia wood in Floating compliments the redwood pine in Bo while adding scents of ripe peach and sun-drenched bergamot for a truly sultry scent.

OCCASION: Walking into work on Monday while you're reminiscing about the weekend.

YOU'LL LIKE THIS IF: Nature is your BFF.


Double down on florals with Rose Struck and Lucienne. These complimentary flowery scents will also hit citrus notes of cassis and lemon zest for a bright and XX blend.

OCCASION: Dates of all kinds - first dates, solo dates, friend dates, lover dates.

YOU'LL LIKE THIS IF: You can never have enough flowers.

Liis' newest scent, Ethereal Wave, will be at Health Hut in September 2023. 

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