Five Tips For Winter Skin

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That cold crisp air may be refreshing but it is also oh-so-drying for our beautiful bodies! Below are a handful of tips and tricks to maintain hydration during these colder months.

1. Layer your skincare.

Just as our wardrobe, we start to add scarves, mitts, coats and hats to keep warm. The same goes for our skin, adding layers to our routines will help lock in moisture and maintain hydration throughout the day. Start small, and listen to you skin. See how it feel and if it needs more of something, keep adding. Below are some recommendations of great oils, moisturizers and balms to add on top that have proven a fantastic addition to your skincare wardrobe during winter.

Noto Botanics Deep Serum & Moisture Riser

Tata Harper Creme Riche

8 Faces

Egyptian Magic 

Trick: When using the Noto Botanics Moisture Riser Cream, try adding an extra layer, or a little “more than usual” for an overnight face mask, you wake up extra juicy, plumpy and hydrated. 

2. Exfoliating in the winter is just as important as in the summer…if not more!

Making sure you are getting rid of those dry flakes! This leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and helps with the absorption of your body oils and moisturizers that should be applied after your showers/baths. Below is a list of our favourite exfoliating (in shower) methods! 

Apprenti Organik Hand and Body Wash 

Apprenti Organik Soft Soap 

Agave Body mitt

Lovefresh Sugar Scrub

Bkind Moisturizing Scrub 

3. Taking a bath? Add a bath oil to your water.

This is a sure way to retain and hydrate your skin while enjoying a little pamper time. Here are a couple of our favourites. 

Province Apothecary Radiant Bath and Body Oil

Lovefresh Baby Oil 

Trick: Lovefresh Baby Oil is not only fantastic for the little ones and yourself, it makes for a lovely massage oil too. 

4. Try adding a cream or oil cleanser into your skincare routine.

Washing your face with a hydrating cleanser (vs something that is stripping) will help nourish and bring life back into your dry skin. Below is a list of tried and true fan favourites here at Health Hut. 

Pai Middlemist Cream Cleanser

Graydon Skincare Milk Cleanser

Living Libations Best Skin Ever Frankincense

Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn

Trick: When applying oil cleansers, start on dry skin then wet your fingers with warm (not hot!) water and then continue to cleanse. Always remove cleansers with a facecloth for best results. Unwrapped Life makes a fantastic facecloth. 

5. We all love a good face mask.

And using hydrating masks is a must in the wintertime! We love a good treatment day, you deserve it! Here is a quick list of our favourites to use during the winter. 

Artifact Skin Co Egyptain Honey Mask

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask 

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask 

100% Pure Sheet Masks

Let us know if you fall in-love with any of these products! Tag us in your stories to be featured. 

Meet the Author: Outside of HH, Rachel runs a catering, personal chef and cooking class company called The Sunday Markets. Not only does she love to work with people, but she also enjoys burying her nose in educational books on skincare, home decor or scrolling through Pinterest. Rachel loves tapenade, long walks in Toronto's concrete jungle and reviewing the next best products. 

You can find her at @thesundaymarkets | @allbutrachel 

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