A 2021 Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you are treating yourself or someone else, we put together a few ideas that may help inspire a new way to celebrate this year. 

1. Missing the atmosphere of dining out? Us too.

However, we carry a delightful selection of cookbooks. Ottolenghi’s Flavor is a minimal effort, fantastic results type of book. Another option would be Nothing Fancy, this book is packed with delicious recipes that are designed for parties, so why not treat your night like a “going out” night? Get dressed or….. undressed and enjoy aromatic, flavourful recipes made with love on a day for love. To finish the night off on a sweet note, Dessert Person has a selection of noteworthy confections. Impress yourself or someone else with your newfound dishes. Light a candle (we’ve got you covered), use a table cloth, pour something with bubbles. You deserve it. 


2. Create an intimate atmosphere with games.

Our Cool To Connect Cards are lovely prompts for intimate conversation. You may find yourself learning something new about those playing with you. Also, a classic game of puzzles is bound to create an evening of comfort, focus and natural conversation. Build it together or alone, send one to a friend and do it together over the phone, you can choose from our collection of Fits Puzzles like our newest option Spice It Up!

3. If you’re looking to reeeally spice it up, our selection of intimate lubes and butters will bring you an evening of relaxation, connection and love.

Pleasure yourself or express your love with another. Living Libations creates a tasty, flavourful array of intimate Love Butters. I mean, you aren’t just a snack, you’re the whole meal. We also carry Province Apothecary Sex Oil which is a faint, light scented lube that goes hand in hand with their Lovers’ Massage Oil. Truly an evening of luxury, bliss and fun. 


4. One of the best forms of love can be comfort.

To feel comfortable brings such great joy. The All You Are Robe is a super cozy choice, and designed with style and comfort in mind. If you are looking to add more texture to your bed or couch for an intimate evening our Stray and Wander Blankets are 100% organic cotton, beautifully designed and soft against your skin. Cuddle up under the covers and watch a classic romantic comedy that pulls at your heartstrings. 

We hope that you have a beautiful Valentine’s day and celebrate with us. Show yourself some love, spread some love…..this year we all deserve a little extra.

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Meet the Author: Outside of HH, Rachel runs a catering, personal chef and cooking class company called The Sunday Markets. Not only does she love to work with people, but she also enjoys burying her nose in educational books on skincare, home decor or scrolling through Pinterest. Rachel loves tapenade, long walks in Toronto's concrete jungle and reviewing the next best products. 
You can find her at @thesundaymarkets | @allbutrachel 

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