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Province Apothecary has become a Toronto staple brand for anyone looking for great skincare, beautiful aromatherapy and expert treatments. This week, in anticipation of our online workshop June 5th, we're connecting with Julie Clark, founder of this HH best-selling brand to find out all about her best tips and current faves. 


What’s the best skincare tip you have ever received?

Always add hydration (water/toner/floral mist) when applying water based products. 

What are some products you’ll always have on your nightstand?

Rescue Balm, Face Balm and a Jade Roller, always. 

Top 3 fave essential oils?

Frankincense, ylang ylang and lavender. 

What is one non-negotiable evening skincare routine element you’ll never skip?

Using our Rejuvenating and Hydrating Face Serum, I am obsessed with how it makes my skin feel and look. 

Best beginner skincare “tool”?

Massage! All you need are your hands and your favourite product (cleanser, serum, moisturizer).

What’s the first thing you do when you finish work for the day?

Give my son a hug!

Who/what is inspiring you right now?

Mother nature is inspiring me right now, our garden is changing everyday and it’s so incredible to see all the blossoms and pollinators emerging, fills my heart with so much joy and appreciation!

3 things you’re grateful for?

My friends + family, the Province Apothecary Team, and our farmers. 


“This or That”

Oil or Cream cleanser? Oil cleanser

Salty or Sweet? Sweet

Cook or Order in? Cook

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Binge-worthy series or Movie? Parks and Rec 

City or country? Country

Paper or computer? Computer 

Bath or shower? Shower

Drake or no? Yes

“What is your current feel-good…”

Binge-worthy show? Parks and Rec 

Local Shop? Side Road Farm 

Evening snack? A fresh rhubarb dessert

Song? Can’t choose one!

Ritual when you get home? Breastfeeding my son

Activity to wind down? Watering and weeding the garden after dinner 

Warm beverage? This is my go-to tea right now, full of adaptogenic and stimulating herbs and powders: Morning Song 

Self-care practice? Going on a sunset bike ride


Thanks so much Julie!

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