Founder's Feature: Sade & Rachel of Sade Baron

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Sade Baron is a Toronto-based, mother-daughter company that we are so excited to introduce to our community. Their products are formulated with clean and nutrient-rich super foods that are good for your skin and our planet. We connected with these inspiring women, Sade and Rachel to find out a little bit more about what makes their brand tick

What do you love most about being a woman-owned and also a Mother-Daughter run business? 

We love working together as a team, although our dynamics can shift at times. We are so happy to be able to create, and as women it's amazing to see how far we can go compared to 20 years ago.

What is your current fave product in your line and how do you use it? 

My favourite is Moi Balm, I use it for my nails, dry lips and eczema break-outs I get at times on my hands and arms. Sade's favourite is the Tai body oil - she loves to use on her face, hair, and at times she combines it in our body cream or souffle to seal in the moisture. 

What inspired you to create & expand the brand? 

We were our first customer, and we couldn't find high quality body products that put emphasis on the ingredients and its quality. In addition we are inspired by our customers, we get emails and read them and make notes about what we can do better and what we could potentially add. 

What does community mean to you? 

Our customers are our community. We love building these relationships, we read customers emails, posts and stories. It really matters to us they can have access and we reciprocate that. 

Any tips for women looking to launch a business? 

Have a plan, be flexible and listen to customers, but never ignore instinct and gut feelings. Lastly, never give up.


Sade Baron All Moi | Multipurpose Balm

“This or That”

Oil or cream cleanser? Cream

Salty or sweet? Sweet

Cook or order-in? Cook

Coffee or tea? Tea

Binge-worthy series or movie? Series

City or country? City

Paper or computer? Paper

Bath or shower? Shower

Drake or no? No

Sade Baron La Rose | French Pink Clay Bar Soap

“What is your current feel-good…”

Binge-worthy show? Lupin and Bridgerton

Toronto eatery? Sud

Local Shop? Celena Bakery

Evening snack?  Strawberries or Breakfast Cookie

Song? Groove Theory - Tell me

Ritual when you get home? Relax and watch a show or read a book. 

Activity to wind down? Activity, taking a walk or biking in the city.

Warm beverage? Apple Cider

Self-care routine? Sleep, and drink water. 

Health Hut Toronto Sade Baron Anchor | Citrus Blend Body Souffle

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