Weekend Round-Up

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Despite everything that is going on these days, we like to keep our weekends as mindful and soothing as possible. We're highlighting some great rituals and products that might inspire you to do the same! Let's make weekends all they can be, whatever that looks like for you!

Art-Centric Puzzles 

Ease your mind away from the stressors of your week (or week ahead) with these beautiful Fits Puzzles. Created by various Artists from around the world, each puzzle is a unique and limited edition piece of art. You’ve got hours of fun ahead trying to complete these 1000-piece creations.


Hair (Self) Care

Taking time for a hair mask is something we love to do on our days off. The Hair Routine Hair Masks are lightweight and oh-so-lovely. They’re also tailored to your unique needs with three different kinds: Moisture, Repair or Nurture.
Comb the product through with our beautiful new Leslieville Market Wide-Tooth Combs. The perfect combo to treat those precious locks!


Journaling Rituals

Sometimes all we need is a morning (or evening) off to sit and take some time to reflect. The Wilde House Paper Ritual Wellness Journal is one of our favourite jotters to help us reflect and get our intentions down! A wonderful and soothing weekend ritual.

Your New Favourite Lip Balm

New in our lip balm department, F.Miller is here! A blend of nourishing, rich botanical ingredients to aid dry, chapped lips with a touch of peppermint to uplift the senses. A great addition to your bedside table or back pocket.


Interior Design Inspiration

If you’ve been itching for some inspiration on how to refresh or re-invent your space, or if you just love a great coffee table book to lounge over on a Sunday, Home Stories is the book for you! Kim Leggett is back with more great tips on how to personalize and enhance your spaces.


Sleeping In….Style 

For those of you who’ve been asking for sleep masks, we listened! The perfect addition to your sleep-in, the Leslieville Markets Silk Sleep Masks come in two colors, Blush Pink or Black. Grab those extra Z’s in style. 


End Of Week Stress Reliever 

The Maude Vibe Personal Massager is your gateway to an extra dose of relaxation. The weekend can be a great time to deepen intimacy, with yourself or with another! The sleek and minimal design is fuss free and durable. 

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