HOW TO Introduce Your Skin to New Products

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Switching skincare routines can come with a lot of uncertainty, questions and some hesitation. We get it, we've been there.

One thing to remember when you try a new skincare product is that everyone’s skin is unique. When investing time and care into a beneficial skincare routine, no one knows your skin as well as you do. You really do know best. 

However, our body's cues can sometimes throw us for a loop, so we’ve gathered our best recommendations and tips to help start you out with new skincare products. 


When switching your routine we recommend starting slow. Whether you’re excited to try a new brand or a specific product, it’s always a good idea to ease into it. Try using a sample size of the product before you commit to purchasing a full size. We're happy to send you home with samples so you can monitor any reactions your skin may have during the first or second use. Starting slow can also ensure that your skin gets used to the product.



Many brands and skincare specialists recommend doing a patch test when trying a new product. This can be a very helpful step as many products (even if they’re all natural!) can be quite active, and contain essential oils or ingredients that can impact your skin in unexpected ways.



Our skin needs different things at different times. Sometimes we can experience a bumpy journey before settling into the “right combo” of what we love and what works. When switching to a new skincare routine or product, you may experience breakouts (some products will actually “pull” the blemishes out from your skin before clearing it up), or it may take a few days/weeks to start noticing those beautiful results you’ve been looking for. We recommend being consistent with your product for at least 1-3 weeks. This is a good time to get your skin used to something new. Consistency is key!



The most important thing is to trust yourself! If your skin is having an unusual reaction, gets irritated immediately, inflamed, red or uncomfortable and you feel something is off, discontinue the use of the product immediately. Sometimes, when using multiple new products at once it can become harder to determine what item is contributing to the issue, which brings us back to Tip #1. Easing in with 1 product can be safer and easier than having to stop an entire skincare routine. 

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