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Everyone loves a good morning routine, so we're sharing how - and with what products - our team wakes up. We all choose to start our day a little differently, although we've found a clear favourite in the cleansing category! Read on to find out what we're loving right now.

Camila’s Morning Skincare Routine 

Let’s just say I’m not an early morning person, so I love to keep my morning routine simple, efficient and refreshing. I’m also a sucker for a lovely scent experience - so I look for products with scents that evoke an uplifting and relaxing feeling to get my day started.

Here’s my tried and tested morning routine: 

Cleanse: I love the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser to start the day. I find the fresh citrus scent uplifting and the gentle exfoliation is a wonderful way to scrub off the night and start a new day! 

With all this mask wearing, I’ve felt the need to get a deeper cleanse every couple of days and I’ve been loving the Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser for just this. This gentle foaming cleanser gives the skin a lovely tingly feeling as you wash and gets deep into your pores without drying out the skin. 

Toner: During these cold and dry months, a mist of toner will go a long way to prep the skin for serum or moisturizer, and it creates a lovely calming experience. The Living Libations Rose Complexion Mist is my go-to for mornings. 

Hydrate: To finish off my routine, I love to lather up with a rich cream that will give me that dewy look throughout the day and protect my skin from the elements. Wildcraft’s Clarify Moisturizer is perfect for this, with its rich and creamy consistency and lovely floral scent. I also love that it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to help prevent those pesky zits. 

On the weekends, when I have a bit of extra downtime in the mornings I like to indulge in a Gua Sha facial massage with Pai’s Rosehip Oil

Julie’s Morning Skincare Routine

I love a good skincare routine. I love trying different products, tools and techniques, and seeing what my skin loves and what works for it. Of course this fluctuates depending on what my skin needs at certain times, with seasonal changes and changes within my body. Skincare should be a fluid and fun experience! Here is what I’ve been currently doing in the mornings to prep my skin for the day ahead!

First, a splash of COLD water on my face. This is great for shaking out the sleep fog and gets the blood flowing!

Cleanse: I like to give my morning skin a light, easy going cleanse in the morning. As I do a more extensive routine at night, I like to use something minimal like Blume’s Daydreamer Face Wash cream cleanser or Graydon Skincare’s Aloe Milk Cleanser. These are rich and gentle and do not strip any moisture from my skin. I always, always, always remove my cleansers with a nice clean cotton face cloth to ensure no product remains. *use warm not hot water to avoid irritating the skin. It’s such a soothing step!

Toner: This step is so important and so underrated! A good toner can have soothing, balancing, toning and even antibacterial effects depending on the ingredients. Prepping your skin with moisture before using a cream moisturizer or oil will ensure that those products get pulled deep into the layers of the epidermis and maximize hydration! I adore Province Apothecary’s Balancing Toner. I take a moment to inhale its calming scent as I mist myself, it gives me mega spa feels!

Hydrate: Now that the weather has gotten a lot more unforgiving, I do like to double up on my hydration. First, I love using an oil such as Wildcraft’s Regenerate Serum, which is quick absorbing and nourishes my skin with antioxidant rich oils of seabuckthorn, hemp and rosehip.

Next, I top it off with Tata Harper’s Repairative Moisturizer, which is lightweight but seals in hydration with Hyaluronic acid that leaves me dewy all day!

When I have time, I like to use a tool on my skin between the Serum and Moisturizer application. My current fave is Province Apothecary’s Facial Cupping set! Try it, you won’t regret it! 

Rachel's Morning Skincare Routine

Good Morning! Self-care comes in many different forms. A healthy skincare routine is one of them! Below are my recommendations and great products for those starting to build a consistent routine. This is my favourite way to wake up, after a hot cup of earl grey tea. 

Cleanse: Tata Harper Regenerating CleanserStarting on dry skin, this beautiful buffing cleanser invites congestion to the surface and washes away with luke-warm water, revealing a healthy clean complexion. This is my absolute favourite exfoliant, and is an award winning formula for good reason. 

Toner: Province Apothecary Toner. This floral toner is not heavily scented and feeds your skin the hydration it deserves. Toners are an important benefactor when it comes to optimizing the performance of your serums and moisturizers. This is a wonderful beginner toner for those starting out. I use this AM & PM. 

Hydrate: Noto Botanics Deep SerumNewer to our store, the Noto Botanics Deep Serum has found a special place in my heart. I've been finding the right balance of how many drops my skin needs and reaping the benefits of this golden elixir! Use AM and PM when desired an extra dose of hydration. Your skin will be glowing!

Water-Lock MoisturizerFinally, this heavenly light weight moisturizer is a delightful product to your skincare regimen. It has a breathable smoothing silicone-free finish and is notably hydrating. This moisturizer helps even overall skin texture while maintaining a fresh complexion throughout the day. PS: When you run out, we sell refillable pods!

Tara's Morning Skincare Routine

I love the morning. I enjoy getting up early, and that little stretch of time before the busyness of the day starts. My skincare routine is not overly extensive, but something I very much look forward to. I love the aromatherapy aspect of natural products, and how their beauty almost forces you to slow down and give them your attention.

Here's what I am currently using: 

Cleanse: So I am also a sucker for Tata Harper's Regenerating Cleanser. I have been using this product for nearly 10 years now, and my skin absolutely loves it. As someone with fairly sensitive skin, I tend to stick with what works, and this certainly does. It gets rid of black heads, smooths the skins texture and is gentle enough to use in the morning and night. Plus, the creamy texture is great for my drier skin.  

Toner: One of my favourite steps! Before opening HH I had no idea what a toner even was or why anyone wanted this extra step in their routine. Since then I have come to love and really appreciate how they maximize you serums, oil and even moisturizers by really pulling them into your skin. The difference between putting an oil on a dry face vs a freshly misted one is really big (think greasy vs dewy). Right now I am using Tata Harper's Floral Essence, but just finished a bottle of The Cure's Face and Neck Boosting Mist and thought it was super hydrating. 

Hydrate: For me, the more glow, the better! I am currently topping my toner with Vintner's Daughter Botanical Serum and yet me tell you, the hype is real. My skin feel soft, dewy, and even. And the smell! I am always nervous to try new products, as my face can be a bit picky with certain ingredients, but this serum is beautiful for all skin types, and I have never had any issues. In my rotating is also Province Apothecary's Hydrating Face Serum (also great for sensitive skin).

To top it all off, Illuminating Moisturizer has also been a staple for me, year-round. If it is particularly dry, I will also add one of our face balms to help with dry patches, and up the glow!  

Finally, and just new to my routine, is an eye cream. We just got in this one from Pai with a cooling ceramic applicator. I'm pretty into it. Maybe my routine is more extensive than I thought!  :)

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