Our Winter Bath & Body Picks

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It's February, and if you're anything like us, your skin is really starting to feel it. But don't fret, we've got you covered. 

We've compiled our top staff picks to beat the winter blues. 


Maude Coconut Bath Milk 
This creamy coconut milk adds magic to your tub. Not only does it contain such luxurious coconut powder that melts right into the warm water, but it also has hand-harvested salts from the Southern Dead Sea, infusing your bath with multiple vitamins and minerals that encourage circulation and detoxification. 

Lovefresh Baby Bath Oil 
Don’t let the title deceive you, this product is amazing for all bodies. I use this oil for shaving, massages and as a bath oil to add a little extra hydration on those days my skin feels parched. This is a staple item in my bathroom and if you’ve got kiddos, a great addition to their bath routine too. 

Apprenti O’rganik Therapeutic Body Butter 
After I’ve patted myself dry I like to apply this winter-approved body butter. It has so many active ingredients (green tea extract, squalane, vitamin E and more) to nourish, protect and restore your skin to a state of soft supple bliss. 


Maude Body and Massage Oil 
A body oil is a must-have product for me this time of year! I love to add a few pumps of this oil into a bath, and let the oils soften my skin as I relax in a nice hot soak! After a shower, applying this body oil onto damp skin ensures that you get deeply moisturized and end up with baby soft skin—no matter how cold and dry it is out there! 
Bkind Eucalyptus Body Scrub
Another must for me this time of year is exfoliation. This is great for blood flow, and of course for maximizing skin health and softness. The Bkind Eucalyptus Body Scrub is a favourite of mine. With its fresh, invigorating scent, it’s a great way to also prime my skin before applying a body oil. Prepare for intense moisture and softness!

Stray and Wander Towels
These towels are the ultimate in bathroom luxury! I love how thin and light the hand-woven cotton is, yet so absorbent and quick to dry! I love to wrap my hair in the Cove hand towel after applying a nice treatment like Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Hair Oil. It allows my hair to absorb the product and dry nicely, no heat required! 


The Cure Body Whip
This use-everywhere whip has been a lifesaver for me this season! From dry and cracked hands, to elbows, feet and everywhere in between, this is my go-to for super rich hydration. I usually reach for the classic Unscented, but the new Sweet Birch and Bergamot is particularly nice for sore muscles, and the Rose, Geranium and Cedar is lovely, too. 

Cocoon Bubble Bath Kahuna
The bath has been my retreat since the early days of the pandemic. Nothing soothes my stresses like a hot soak, and the soothing scents of ylang ylang and lemongrass from this bubble bath just makes everything better. A good book and glass of wine helps, too.

Apprenti Hand And Body Lotion
I have one of these on my desk, bathroom sink and dresser! I love, love the smooth texture of this cream, combined with the unique earthy, scent of the cedarwood and petitgrain. My mood is lifted each and every time I use it - and catch a glance of the beautiful bottle! 


Lovefresh Lavender Lotion
This lotion has been my dry hand’s saving grace this season. I apply the lotion on my hands throughout the day and my body right before bed. The lavender scent creates a beautiful grounding and relaxing aromatherapy experience to soothe me into a peaceful sleep. Pair this lotion with the Lovefresh Lavender Wash - another one of my ultimate favourites - for the perfect nighttime bath ritual. 

Province Apothecary Hydrating Rescue Balm 
This little balm is great for all over - but I’ve been especially loving it for those extra dry bits. My hands have been suffering with all the hand washing we’ve been doing these days, and this balm has greatly helped heal my extra dry hands and keep cracked skin at bay! The balm melts right onto the skin and absorbs beautifully. I recommend putting a thicker layer on extra dry patches right before bed for an extra healing treatment. 

Artifact Beauty Flower Body Oil
This body oil reminds me of soaking in the sun rays at the beach - and who doesn't need that right now! If you like exotic floral scents, this one's for you. Made with their proprietary blend of essential oils, gardenia flower, and packed full of antioxidants to nourish the skin, this is one of my go-to's year round. I love to use it while my skin is still damp after the shower, but you can also use it on dry skin or add a couple of drops in the bath to both nourish the skin and create a beautiful scent experience. Bonus - I love that the oil makes my skin look glowy and sun-kissed after applying - maybe it’s just me dreaming - but I’m loving the dream! 


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