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We've officially transitioned into fall we and are loving the slower and more relaxed pace of life this magical season brings. This time of year, we find ourselves drawn to grounding self-care rituals; taking candle-lit baths, drinking warming beverages and of course, applying our favourite nourishing masques.

We chatted with Narae and Elie, the wife and husband team behind Artifact about their specialty - all things masques! Plus, the inspiration behind their business and products that enhance your daily rituals.
What makes Artifact Skin Co different?
We try to focus on the stories and rituals of each ingredient. Every ingredient has a story. We imagine that these products have been brought back from far away places as "Artifacts" and they all have their stories to tell. 
Proudest business moment?
The very first time we saw our products printed in a magazine. At that time, we were only a couple of months old, so to see our products in print was surreal.

What is your favourite place to travel? 
So far our most memorable place has been to Lebanon. We have never been so romanced by a place. The breathtaking landscapes, the food, the soft coastal breeze and the warm Mediterranean sun. But especially the people made Lebanon most memorable - so kind, generous and full of joie de vivre.

What new destination would you like to explore next? 
Next on the list, South Korea. 

What gets you excited?
When developing ideas for new products... ;)

What made you decide to create masques? 
When we were just starting Artifact 6 years ago, masques weren't celebrated as much as they are now. We knew it was something people would enjoy if the masks were presented to them in a fun way. Traditionally, they were introduced in a line of products, like a backup dancer, but we wanted to make them into the star of the show. There were too many wonderful ingredients to help different skin needs to just come out with a single "good for everything" masque. 

What is your go-to masque for this time of year? 
The perfect masque for the fall season is Moroccan Tangerine Clay. When cooler weather rolls in, it helps to clarify your skin without stripping your skin dry. This mask has a light and fluffy texture with small bits of grains for gentle exfoliation. It pulls out stubborn impurities from your pores but leaves behind a more moisturized and “awaken” skin. 

Favourite time of day?
Late nights and early mornings. There is something so peaceful about the stillness in the air.  

What are your pro tips for using masque - on skin, hair, and lips? 
Everything works better on damp skin, hair and lips. You might not get the full potential of the product by using them on dry skin/lips and stiff hair. When the surface is damp, it softens the surface and allows the product to work its true powers. 

Advice for aspiring business owners?
A wise person once told us, "Don't tell me. Show me."

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