It's in the Bag: Fran of F. Miller

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It's in the Bag is inspired by the 90s magazines we grew up with - a peek into the bags of people we love and the things that are important enough to carry with them all day long.

WHO: Fran Miller, 36. Founder of F. Miller. 

BAG OF CHOICE: F. Miller Tuffy Tote — a deconstructed carry-all version of our FM Paper Bag, handsewn by our very own studio coordinator, Zoe. It has a waterproof lining for easy cleaning and an inner key ring + carabiner to ensure my keys never get lost in the abyss.


F. Miller Toning Mist

I get stressed when I don’t have a bottle on hand. My holy grail hydration/balance/refresh/calm in a bottle. I mist throughout the day and in between each layer of my skincare routine.

F. Miller Lip Balm

My goal was to formulate a luxurious, long-lasting, ultra-moisturizing balm that actually worked to heal and protect lips. I keep one in every bag.

F. Miller Eye Oil

In addition to a reparative eye serum, this is my go-to nourishing oil for cuticles, dry spots/irritation, and lips. The petite bottle and rollerball applicator make for easy on-the-go use.

Noto Stain Stick in Ono Ono

Love this for my cheeks and eyes.

Byredo Tinted Lip Balm in Rosa 

For a wash of pink when I’m feeling fancy.

F. Miller Hydrate Nalgene

I take this everywhere I go, for self-explanatory reasons. 


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