It's in the Bag: Kat of Lohn

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It's in the Bag with Kat from Lohn

It's in the Bag is inspired by the 90s magazines we grew up with - a peek into the bags of people we love and the things that are important enough to carry with them all day long.

WHO: Kat, co-founder of Lohn

BAG OF CHOICE: Lohn's Spring tote bag, always. Designed in collaboration with the lovely Madison van Rijn.


Lohn Everywhere Mist - Nord

My favourite scent for all seasons. With essential oils of black spruce, cedar and pine, it reminds me of trips to my family cottage. I use this to freshen up my clothes, my linens and my space.

Lohn Scent Pebble

The best natural car freshener hack. I use it all the time on my road trips with a few drops of our ESTE or OEST essential oil blend. It’s the perfect solution for an on-the-go diffuser.

Lohn Everyday Mist

We started making these during the pandemic during the sanitizer shortage and I still use it regularly. It’s scented with lavender, bergamot and ho wood and I also use it to clean my phone screen.

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm - Peach


As a business owner, the reality is I have to be attentive to my phone. When I need a break, I love muting my notifications and listening to a good podcast in the AM during my dog walks. To Be Magnetic is my fav.


I probably refill this thing 4 times per day. The size of it is fabulous! Victoria and I have been getting back into candle production lately and it can get pretty spicy in our warehouse sans AC, so hydration is key.


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