Transitioning Into Fall Skincare

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The countdown has started, fall is only a week away. Crunchy leaves are making their way to the ground and that extra layer on your morning commute is non-negotiable. No doubt, your skin has noticed the subtle shift in weather too.

Shoulder season can be a bit tricky on the skin. To ease into the colder months ahead it can help to add some products to your skincare routine that are more hydrating, protective and build up your skin barrier.

This week, the HH team shares what essentials they're adding to their skincare routines that are making all the difference.

Activist Mānuka Honey Mask

"I'm using this as a daily cleanser and face mask to soothe seasonal dryness and rosacea flare-ups that come with cooler windy weather. I love that this one natural ingredient can hydrate, promote skin regeneration, repair cellular damage, calm inflammation and lessen the appearance of scars." —Mary

"This mask is super soothing and very invigorating in terms of scent. It's super smooth and thin, making it very easy to wear while having my morning coffee. My skin tone is so even." —Nat

Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer 

"It's a multi-seasonal fave for me. It's not too thin, not too heavy, and layers really well - so silky!"—Julie

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer 

"It's nice and moisturizing while not being too heavy or too rich - perfect for this weather while it is still humid/not too cold. It also keeps my summer glow going." –Tara, HH Founder

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

"This is a nice quick layer of moisture leaving me dewy, it pairs well with the Unakite Gua Sha. Also, the small size of the skin cream is great to throw in your bag when you need an extra moisture boost on windy days." —Kyra

If it seems a bit early to add a heavier cream to your skincare routine, try using this creamy balm as a nighttime mask. Apply a generous amount to a clean face and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off and follow with your usual nighttime routine.

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum

"Fall skincare for me is all about finding balance and simplicity. Nothing makes my skin feel better than Vintner's Active Botanical Serum. This serum allows my skin to rest after months spent in the sun. Being able to receive all the nutrients and minerals and moisture my skin needs without a 10-step routine feels like I am giving my skin a fresh start, just like the change in season!" —Nat

Monastery Attar Floral Repair Concentrate 

"Attar is the product I didn't know I needed until I started using it. I put this balm on as the last step in my evening routine to give my skin some extra love and lock in my moisturizer. I've noticed my skin isn't as oily throughout the day. I'm hooked and the SMELL." —Jenny

"Transitioning into the cooler months, my skin needs more protection and I love the balmy texture of Attar. It locks in hydration, soothes redness and helps heal my breakouts faster. I can’t do fall/winter without it!" —Jenna

Tata Harper Lip Créme in Bare

"I'm trying to make sure my lips are as cared for as my skin this fall, and this lip balm has been the perfect product for that. It's so nourishing and rejuvenating! The gorgeous packaging makes me want to use it even more." —Rachel 



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