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With so many of us working from home, we wanted to share some products and rituals we’ve incorporated into our new routines to make every day a little more cozy, while also staying on task!

Here are some great desk/office essentials all of us at HH have been loving:

Wilde House Paper Products


This brand has curated some beautiful and minimal paper goods to help stay organized and on top of your to-do’s!

*New * Jotters for Daily/Weekly/Monthly planning.

Daily List Pad

Beautiful Calendars to enhance your office space and even add in some meaningful intentions.


Province Apothecary Wellness Roll Ons


Wonderful and easy aromatherapy rollers that you can keep on hand, whenever you need fast and instant support.

We recommend: 

Calm Down Roll-On for those stressful or high energy days. This roller can be used on the temples or back of the neck for a nice balancing dose of calm.

Uplift Roll-On is a great boost to the senses for the slower mornings or afternoon lulls!


Essential Oils + Accessories 


Lohn Scent Pebble

A small but mighty pebble, this is a staple piece for your desk. It doesn’t take up space and you can interchange your scents! The porous pebble will absorb and emit the essential oil of your choice. Maximizing your desk space while keeping your mind grounded and stimulated.

For those who want to go the extra mile, diffusing essential oils is an excellent way to help the air you breathe while benefitting from incredible scents that can soothe, uplift and inspire a more pleasant workday!

Here are some great oils for your office/work spaces:

Lohn NORD blend - This is a fresh, woodsy blend. These notes are relaxing, grounding all while uplifting the mood and sharpening the mind.

Living Libations Revive Alive - Just like the name says, this blend is wonderful for purifying the air, clarifying the mind and bringing a nice cool freshness.

Vitruvi Boost blend - For all you citrus lovers out there, this is a wonderfully light and happy blend. It will help boost mood, keep you alert and cleanse your space!



For added coziness during these winter months, candles are also a wonderful addition to your desk space.

Our current faves are:

Apprenti Ôr'ganik WOOD - If you love that campfire smell, now you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home! It even has a beautiful wooden wick.

Woodlot Flora - This is calming and grounding blend of lavender, orange and patchouli. Perfect for a nice mellow mood.


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Meet the Author: Outside of HH, Julie works as a certified Aromatherapist who is currently developing a skincare line, using essential oils to enhance well-being and self-care. She reads voraciously and is obsessed with dogs and good guacamole.

You can find her at @ritual_alchemy 

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