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Since we get so many questions about caring for and styling curls, HH Sales Associate Rachel Dance decided to let us in on some of her curly hair secrets and share her current hair routine - along with some of her favourite products. Follow along for Rachel's tips to loving your curls.

Rachel's Curly Hair Routine:

Wash day for curly hair is one of the most important day(s) of the week. Depending on how frequent or infrequent you wash your curls, these products will help make sure those locks maintain moisture, coil and kink in all the best ways! 

Living Libations Scalp TonicThe night before a shower, try applying a few drops of the Living Libations tonic to your scalp and sleeping with it in overnight. This will help to deeply pre-cleanse, and nourish your hair. The tonic is a fabulous flake savour as well as keeping inflammation at bay. If you’re dealing with an itchy scalp, a few drops of this is sure to do the trick! 

Oneka Cedar and Sage Shampoo and ConditionerThese two tall standing bottles of goodness are very helpful when it comes to a problematic scalp! Not only does this line smell like a lovely romantic walk through the forest it will cleanse, balance and hydrate those thirsty locks. 

The Hair Routine Mask TreatmentsAdding in a treatment piece to your wash day is a sure way to bring those curls back to life. A little more TLC than your average wash day goes a long way.  With three options for a hair treatment, such as, Moisture, Repair and Nurture, you are able to cater to what your hair needs. 

Rahua Hydration DetanglerAn all hair type must have! This hydration detangler smells heavenly, like a tropical fresh passion fruit and mango smoothie. Giving your hair the breakfast it deserves. Besides the fantastic scent, it also helps work out your natural knots and tangles while smoothing away fly-aways. It also contains UV protection, which makes it an on-to-go beach day bag essential. 

Rahua Curl CreamThis is a lightweight curl cream that hydrates, defines and gives your curls a very soft romantic finish. This product is fantastic for all seasons, in the summer your curls are protected against humidity and in the winter the shea butter keeps them hydrated. The cream gives your hair natural movement, care-free, and touchable curls. 

Rahua Classic ConditionerThis is typically meant for in the shower use, but I am going to let you in on a little trick. This makes for a fantastic leave-in conditioner. Take a little drop and disperse it through your hair starting from the middle to the ends. This is creamy, smells amazing and really helps hydrate and lock in that moisture. Make sure to apply into fairly damp hair. 

Mer Mer Monoi Hair OilThis is a most loved oil, once you’ve tried this product, there is no going back. It’s a beautiful finishing product for any hair type and makes for a lovely mid-day hair refresher. The smell is indescribable, you truly have to smell it to understand why it is a must have. The blend of algae oil, monoi and multi-grain protein repairs damage and deeply nourishes those dry, seemingly untameable curls. 


In my option, sticking to a solid hair routine is the best way to see long term benefits. Patience and research is the best way to figure out what is best for you! These non-toxic hair products are really great options, and hopefully they'll lead you on the right path to happy hair days!

Meet the Author: Outside of HH, Rachel runs a catering, personal chef and cooking class company called The Sunday Markets. Not only does she love to work with people, but she also enjoys burying her nose in educational books on skincare, home decor or scrolling through Pinterest. Rachel loves tapenade, long walks in Toronto's concrete jungle and reviewing the next best products. 

You can find her at @thesundaymarkets | @allbutrachel 

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