Wildcraft: Curating a Skincare Routine for Your Skin Type

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Starting a natural skincare routine doesn't mean going out of your financial comfort zone. Living sustainably and taking care of yourself, both your skin and your bank account, are forms of self-care and we're here for all forms of feeling good. 

So, let's take really good care of your skin with Wildcraft's approachable products formulated with natural botanicals that don't compromise on quality. We've partnered with Laura, founder of Wildcraft, to put together five-step skincare routines for three different skin types. 

Here at HH, we love talking skincare, reach out to us to help you customize a routine that meets all your skincare goals.

Oily + Acne Prone Skin

Stock your bathroom cabinet with these products if you're looking to diminish blemishes and balance oil production for clear, glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Wash Cream Cleanser

“This was our second full face cleanser and we added it as an option for those who prefer a faster method than oil cleansing. Because it includes clay as one of the ingredients, it helps to clear the skin while offering a soft exfoliation. A fun fact about this one is that it took us 37 iterations to get the product to the finish line. Definitely a lot of hard work but worth it as it’s quickly become a fan favourite.” - Laura

Buff Face and Body Scrub

This mineral-rich exfoliant for the face and body is made with gentle clays, flowers and apricot kernel shells to remove dull skin and draw out impurities while antibacterial essential oils help to discourage breakouts and congestion. Try mixing with organic honey and use as a mask.

Clarify Toner

Blended with aloe vera, witch hazel and bergamot to both hydrate and balance oil production, while rose water prevents inflammation and hormonal breakouts.

HH tip: apply your serum while your face is still damp with toner, this helps the serum to absorb into the skin just a little deeper. 

Refine Serum

“Compared to our original Regenerate Face Serum, this oil is more lightweight and aimed towards calming blemishes and irritation. It’s crafted with non-comedogenic ingredients, such as squalane and calendula-infused grapeseed, to help balance your skin’s sebum production.” - Laura

Calm Face Lotion 

This lightweight face lotion helps to balance and regenerate the skin while calming and soothing redness and inflammation from breakouts. We love that it leaves a silky, mat finish on the skin and it makes for a perfect primer under makeup. 

Dry + Dehydrated Skin

Get ready for hydrated, plump and soft skin with this routine that is rich in nourishing botanical oils, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

Wash Oil Cleanser

This no suds blend of botanical oils will leave your skin feeling clean, hydrated and soft, the best part? It won't strip the skin of its natural barrier.

Buff Face and Body Scrub

Try mixing this scrub with honey or yogurt and apply as a mask for extra benefits. 

Balance Toner

This toner was formulated for dryer skin, also the geranium and orange blossom smell amazing together. 

Regenerate Face Serum

“This is a product I use year round no matter the season. It really helps to plump the skin and give it a fresh, dewy glow. The scent of this oil is also one of my favourites as the combination of frankincense and palmarosa is very calming and grounding.” - Laura

Restore Face Cream

"Our #1 best-selling product since the beginning! The consistency of this moisturizer is so rich and luxurious that it’s always a delight to apply, day or night. It is a lovely option for dry and mature skin in need of soothing nourishment, making it perfect for the cold Canadian winters.” - Laura

Sensitive + Inflamed Skin

Formulated with gentle antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients these products will help with redness and irritation giving you the calm skin you crave. 

Wash Oil Cleanser

“While it seems counterintuitive, oil cleansing is great to balance the skin–even for those who have an oily complexion. Our cleanser is crafted with a blend of botanical oils which soothes and naturally nourishes for a supple, smooth finish; it can also be used as a makeup remover.” - Laura

Clarify Toner

The rose water in this toner helps to prevent inflammation and hormonal breakouts. Mist one before your serum to prep the skin. 

Refine Face Serum

This lightweight and fast-absorbing serum is formulated with squalane and sacha inchi to hydrate and boost collagen while clearing skin congestion, leaving skin balanced and silky. The cleansing properties of juniper help to regulate oil production and maintain skin’s elasticity while raspberry seed reduces inflammation caused by breakouts.

Clarify Face Cream

This face cream is crafted with bergamot and rose to provide nutrients for the skin while possessing antibacterial properties beneficial for combatting breakouts.

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