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Winter can really wreak havoc on our skin, but it can also really impact our hair and scalp. We've noticed many of you asking for support in relieving dryness and we hear you!

We're sharing are some of our current Staff Picks for all things hair and scalp health. Let's reclaim that hydration! 

Living Libations Scalp Tonic 

"My partner gets the woooorst flaky scalp every winter but we've been massaging this in and giving it about an hour to penetrate before washing their hair and there's been such an improvement in both the flakes and itchiness in only a week! Def a top rec for anyone who struggles with dry winter scalp!!" - Jenn

F. Miller Hair Oil

"I am loving this luxurious oil blend right now! I drop it all the way down my hair line & massage into my scalp, then will cover my ends and twist my hair up and leave it for hours! It is so soothing and restorative. I also use one drop to massage into my brows while i'm at it! It is total hydration and balance in a bottle!" - Julie

Rahua Classic Shampoo/Conditioner + Hydration Detangler 

"I usually do a double rinse when I'm using my Rahua classic shampoo and leave the conditioner on for longer. My post shampoo care is pretty simple right now - I just spray my hair with Rahua hydration detangler before I comb it out and add a few drops of rosehip oil at the ends!" - Proma

Rahua Exfoliating Shampoo + Founder's Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment

"By mid-winter I always struggle with a dry and flakey scalp. This season I've been using Rahua's new exfoliating shampoo - it's a dream! I use it to a replace my regular shampoo once a week, taking extra care and time to reeeeally massage it into my entire scalp. Then about once a week or every other week I will use Rahua's founders blend as an overnight treatment, also carefully massaging it in-between all layers of hair. The smell is super earthy and a nice little relaxing ritual before bed." - Tara

Hair Routine Moisture Treatment + Noto Botanics Agender Oil 

"I've been using the hair routine moisture mask, a nice treat for my hair and scalp, leaving me feeling hydrated and my scalp calm! The Noto agender oil body + hair oil also feels amazing on the scalp, gives my hair an extra hit of moisture, and smooths out frizzies! Smells amazing, too!" - Kyra

Living Libations True Blue Spirulina Conditioner

"The bounce and life in my wavy hair is the first thing to go when the cold weather hits. When I am faced with dry to dull waves I turn to Living Libations True Blue Conditioner! This product helps to treat my tired ends while providing a thick moisturizing layer that protects my waves from the oncoming cold!" - Natalie

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