Founder's Feature: Laura of Stone Tulip Goods

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For this month's Founder's Feature, we're chatting with Laura Campbell, creator behind Stone Tulip Goods. Laura is not only the powerhouse behind some of our fave beeswax candles, she's local (West End!) and a fierce supporter of local artists and makers.  

How do you juggle being a small business owner with having a new little addition to your family?

It helps having a supportive partner and that Lake is a great sleeper! There’s really no secret sauce, I work when he’s sleeping, and my wife helps a ton too. Sometimes it’s A Lot, but it’s worth it!

We know you like to donate to various charities on a monthly basis, how did this start and are there any organizations that hold a special place in your heart?

I’ve always given personal monthly donations, and it just made sense for that to extend to Stone Tulip as well. There are a few very special ones to me, but probably the most close to home is the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. I have Progressive MS, and I know how much the MS Society does for those of us living with the disease.

    Your beeswax tapers are our absolute fave! Do you hand-roll all of these, and what is it about that incredible beeswax scent?! (we love!)

    You guys go through them quickly! We love them too. They are hand-rolled, every single one, by myself or my wife. The (dreamy) smell is peak childhood nostalgia for me, as my mum and I used to roll beeswax candles for gifts! 

    What does community mean to you especially now in these strange times?

    Community means everything to me. As a queer woman, as a person with a disability, as a mum, and a business owner. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to feel a sense of community in all aspects of my life, and I do everything I can to contribute. From supporting local businesses and restaurants, calling and facetiming friends and family and simply checking in with ourselves, we can all do our part to keep the community going.

      What do you envision for the next few years of growth for Stone Tulip?

      I’d like to 100x the business. Why not? I started ST as a pandemic hobby project, and now we’re in Health Hut and other stores across the country. There’s no limit.

      How do you like to unwind and self-care this season?

      I have biweekly massages (imperative for my MS as well), I take regular long baths with a book, I mask regularly, and I like to give myself a good mani. Self care can be just a few hours a week, but it’s happening! I’m a better mum, wife, and business owner for it.


      “This or That”

      Oil or Cream cleanser?  Newly an oil cleanser convert (Living Libation’s Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever)

      Salty or Sweet?  Sweet!

      Cook or Order in? Cook!

      Coffee or Tea? Herbal tea 

      Binge-worthy series or Movie? Series

      City or country? VERY hard call…city

      Paper or computer? Paper! I still keep a journal

      Bath or shower? Bath

      “What is your current feel-good…”

      Binge-worthy show? I’m currently re-watching How to Get Away with Murder for the 3rd time - can’t say it feels good but it’s riveting.

      Toronto eatery? Noctua on Dundas and Union on Ossington

      Local Shop? Health Hut (srsly) and Type on Dundas

      Evening snack? Granny Smith apple with PB

      Song?  “Friends” by Francis and the Lights ft Bon Iver

      Ritual when you get home? Feed Lake (our baby!), give him a bath and put him to bed, and then my wife and I make supper and watch Jeopardy

      Activity to wind down? Journaling, a crime series, or a bath

      Warm beverage? Sloane Tea’s Marrakesh Mint, procured at Kitten and the Bear

      Self-care practice? Skincare routine, Peloton, walking, and making Lake laugh


      Thanks Laura!! 

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