5 Essential Oils To Boost The Winter Blahs

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Canadian winters can sometimes feel like they’re here to stay. For those of us who need a little extra help or an occasional pick-me-up, Aromatherapy is a great way to liven up the system! Here are a few powerhouse oils that are always handy this time of year & where to find them here in the shop.

1. Sweet Orange

Citrus oils are superstars this time of year. Not only are they uplifting and fresh, but citrus essential oils are known as the “mood boosters” in the world of Aromatherapy. Who wouldn’t want a little more “liquid sunshine” in their day to day!?

Find it in:

Lem Love Room & Linen Spray:  Just a few quick pumps of this bright room mist is enough to make you stop and take deep breaths. This time of year, try misting your linens for that extra lift, especially in the bathroom! Bath & hand towels become extra luxurious when you’re wrapping yourself up in the subtle aromas of Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Vetiver!  Instant spa feels!

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Hair Oil:  Infuse your strands with nourishing and uplifting aromatherapy. A great way to enjoy the benefits of these oils is to rub a couple of drops between your palms to warm them up, and work into the ends of your locks! Cup your hands to your face and take a deep inhalation with the remaining product!

2. Frankincense

This oil is incredible this time of year. One of the oldest oils known to man, its light, woodsy scent is known to ground and soothe the nervous system and still the mind. 

Find it in:

Province Apothecary Body Oil:  Body oils are a favourite around here, especially this time of year. Not only do they provide deep and nourishing hydration for dry winter skin, but the soft, calming scents of Frankincense, Clary Sage and Cypress are sure to soothe and calm the senses. Take the time to massage it in post shower - your skin will thank you!

Vitruvi SLEEP Diffuser Blend:  Post holidays we can all benefit from a few extra Z’s. This wonderful blend packs a punch when it comes to lulling you into dreamland. Soft notes of Lavender, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang will have you drifting off in no time! Use in the Vitruvi stone diffuser or just a few drops in the Lohn scent pebble will do it!

3. Eucalyptus

This widely popular oil is a must this time of year! Cleansing, refreshing and stimulating, this oil is known to clear the mind and carries wonderful antibacterial qualities.

Find it in:

Vitruvi Pacific Diffuser Blend: This is a beautiful and uplifting blend that will leave your home smelling like a fresh West Coast breeze is wafting through! Use 5-10 drops in a diffuser or 2-4 drops in the Lohn scent pebble.

Lohn Jura Perfume Roller:  A beautiful scent goes a long way! Dab some of this personal fragrance onto pulse points and inhale the freshness of a seaside escape! The ultimate luxury this time of year!

4. Rose

This is a delicate oil with a big impact. Known for its deep, musky scent, rose oil is great at combating stress and supporting healthy, glowing skin! If it was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for us!

Find it in:

Living Libations CoQ10 Serum: Start and end your day with this “royal” treatment. This is a great time to inhale deep breaths and enjoy the benefits of this oil as it penetrates deep into your skin for maximum glow and hydration! Use morning and/or night!

BKIND Rose and Geranium Hand Balm: Quickly becoming a cult favourite, enjoy the gentle benefits of rose and geranium on those dry winter hands! We suggest using it at night, so you can wake up to silky soft skin!

5. Cedar

This unassuming oil is a powerhouse. Known for creating a sense of comfort, its scent is grounding, uplifting and has been shown to improve mood and sleep. It’s a lovely aroma for this time of year and brings a little bit of the outdoors to your indoor space!

Find it in:

Lohn Nord Candle:  Tis the season to curl up in a cozy blanket and light those candles!  Lohn’s new “Forage” line is one of our favourites, including this blend of crisp and woodsy notes! Bring the Forest to your living space and breathe deep!

Woodlot Cascadia Candle: Bring the earthy, fresh feel of a nature walk to your living room! Woodlot candles are infused with beautiful essential oils to keep you cozy all day long.

Meet the Author: Outside of HH, Julie works as a certified Aromatherapist who is currently developing a skincare line, using essential oils to enhance well-being and self-care. She reads voraciously and is obsessed with dogs and good guacamole.

You can find her at @ritual_alchemy 

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