Polish, Scrub and Buff, the DIY way

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While using a powder-based scrub might be incredible for so many reasons (more economical, less harsh on the skin, using as much/little as you'd like), it can sometimes feel a tad under/overwhelming to take on the task of creating your own mixture - and with what?!

Here are some of our favourite ways to jazz up those scrubs and get creative with easy at-home ingredients--because after all, it isn't just our faces that benefit from a good buff! 

These are of our fave ingredients or products to combine for good face & targeted area buffing!  (Think décolleté, armpits and bikini line!) 


Honey is an incredible addition to powder masks and scrubs. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic in nature (amazing for treating those blemishes!)  nourishing, hydrating and so soothing even for sensitive skin. This makes a great binding agent for your scrubs and will provide a nice moisture glow afterwards! If you want to soften up areas like underarms and bikini line this is a good one!  


Another OG DIY ingredient that has been used in skincare for eons. Yogurt is an incredible addition to your skincare routine due to all the nutrients it contains. It's got probiotics, lactic acid for a gentle exfoliation, an incredible source of minerals and vitamins for the face, and will leave skin soothed and so soft due to its ability to lock in moisture. 

*This is also amazing for after-sun care!


For those of you who are feeling minimal but want to try something with a little more oomph than just plain water, using your face toner is an amazing way to incorporate moisture that is loaded with nutrient-dense botanicals! Use a couple of spritzes to the powder mixture and once it is applied to the skin, you can even leave it on for a moment and spritz a few pumps out onto the face. 


This is another great option that has become a favourite here at HH. A nice way to power up your routine and maybe take the express lane with your steps, try combining your scrub with your oil cleanser! Dab a small amount of the dry scrub in your hand or small jar, and add in a small amount of oil cleanser to balance out the ratio. Slowly massage into the skin and adjust amounts as desired. Remove everything with a warm, wet cloth and bask in that buffed, glowy feel all night long!

For those who are feeling this step and want to level it up, try this on your entire body! Using oil products like Living Libations' Best Skin Ever, the F. Miller Body Oil or the Wildcraft Luxe Body Oil in combination with a powder scrub for the body is the epitome of luxury! *use before you hop in the shower it all off and you won't even have to moisturize afterward!

Here are five of our favourite combinations to try: 


Wonder Valley Oil Cleanser and their Olive & Lotus Exfoliant (hello, baby soft & glowing skin!).


Province Apothecary Regenerating Exfoliator and Resurfacing Mask with added Honey or Yogurt (this one is amazing on your more delicate areas- think pitts and bikini line!).


Wildcraft Buff added to F. Miller Body Wash for an all-over body scrub.


Noto Resurfacing Scrub on the body (for those who feel like it is too harsh for their face!) that tingly peppermint oil action feels amazing on the feet! 


Three Ships Detox Green Clay & Living Libations Sandalwood Best Skin Ever (this is a great option for a combination/oily skin type).


*photo credit: province apothecary



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