Essential Oils for Summer

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Aromatherapy is a centuries old modality that is both versatile and easy to incorporate into your day to day life. Oils can be quite transformative and so uplifting when needed, and who doesn't love a good scent? You don't have to study the science of the limbic system to recognize that your favourite citrus smell gives you an instant boost, or that your lavender lotion soothes you, it's intuitive! Because we love essential oils so much, we're sharing some great seasonal options along with fun ways to enjoy them.

Our Favourite Essential Oils for Summer:

*We will mention that when it comes to using essential oils, safety is key! They may be natural but they are potent and we recommend you not apply any pure oil directly on the skin, dilution is always best!  


Peppermint oil in the summer is a no brainer. This oil is famous for how tingly cool it can feel and it packs a punch! It's known to be analgesic (great for soothing sore muscles/aches and pains) soothes nervous tension, has disinfectant qualities and is incredibly invigorating for the senses (inhalation can clear up those sinuses real quick!) This oil is such a handy one during those hot summer months.

Noto Resurface Scrub 

This scrub can get icy/hot and leaves skin refreshed and squeaky clean! Take a minute to enjoy the tingle, and use as a mid-week treat! 

Bkind Coffee and Peppermint Moisturizing Body Scrub 

If you're looking to give your entire body that tingly, refreshing feel, look no further! This coffee and peppermint combo is enough to rival your morning cup in the morning, or relax the senses after a long, sticky day out! 

Henne Lavender Mint Lip Scrub

Lips feeling a little dry and neglected lately? This luxurious Lavender/Mint sugar scrub will have you smiling (and hydrated) in no time! 


Ok, this may be an obvious choice, but Lavender should not be underestimated! Not only is it a system tonic (it generally balances the nervous system in whichever way is most needed) it is incredible for bug bites, burns and soothing itch in an instant! And of course, for many of us, it's an instant hit of calm. 

La Vie Room Spray Lavender Orange 

We have a new brand in the house and she smells gooood! Want to up the level of relaxation in your bedroom? A couple spritzes of this mellow Lavender and Orange blend onto your pillow is sure to send you into dream land a little quicker. This mist is also great for the body too!

Vitruvi Dusk Blend 

If you enjoy diffusing and want to take the scent levels up a notch, the Dusk blend is where it's at. Herbal, warm and calming, this is a blend that will have you breathing (and snoring) a little deeper. 

Samyoga Lavender Eye Pillow

Ever crave a solo moment to decompress and feel good after a long day? Us too! And this Samyoga Lavender Eye Pillow is just the thing to help us achieve full bliss. Hot tip: stick this guy in the microwave for a few seconds and you'll forget your name. If you want to get real wild, dab a few extra drops of Lavender on it for a boost!

Tea Tree

This is another "classic" oil and for good reason. Tea Tree originates from the Australian tree and is a mighty do-it-all. It purifies, soothes, refreshes and is incredibly antibacterial, anti-fungal and good for skin irritations. It's amazing for scalp and nail health too! 

Dr. Bronner 18-in-1

Since this oil is so antibacterial, it makes for a good cleanser of all things. This 18-in-1 use soap is great for any home surface, but also amazing for makeup brushes, face masks, you name it! 

F.Miller Hair Oil

Treat your locks with this incredible blend of oils and reap the benefits. This blend of active botanicals will treat, protect and nourish! It also smells divine! 

Rebel's Refinery Beard Oil

This oil is one to try if you're looking to soothe irritated skin, soften and strengthen the hair and even as a pre-shave oil! All good things for summer face care.


Citrus oils are little superheroes. Grapefruit is known to be a natural mood booster, is energizing, tones the skin and supports healthy circulation. It is also clarifying to the mind and will soothe the system. You can't go wrong with citrus oils whenever you need a pick-me-up!

Lohn Ruhe blend

This blend of essential oils is really special and more so since it's a limited edition. Grapefruit is mixed with calming, restorative Rose and grounding Cedarwood for a mellow, feel-good experience. Just one deep inhale and you'll have a crush!

Lovefresh Hand and Body Wash

Get a quick hit of fresh and uplifting Grapefruit every time you wash your hands. This product isn't a best seller for nothing!

La Vie Rosemary Grapefruit Hand Cream

Want a silky dose of freshness to ease those dry hands? This new cream is quickly becoming one of our shop faves! It absorbs fast and seals in moisture with a nice lingering freshness you'll enjoy all day long.  


Cedar is our last pick for the season as it is another underdog that should never be underestimated! Cedar is an oil known for promoting relaxation, feeling grounded and uplifted all at once. It's a great oil for healing skin irritations, strengthening hair and keeping those insects at bay.

Oneka Cedar & Sage Shower Gel

Create a calming, grounding experience, for yourself, even if it's only a short one. This shower gel is exactly that, and hydrating to boot! The smell will make you feel like you've had a forest walk, and that's a great way to start or end the day.

Fenwick Cedar Candle

Candles are such a quick, easy way to bring Aromatherapy into your home. These Fenwick candles are soft and lovely and this one is so soothing, it adds a great little touch to a bathroom or bedside table.

Lovefresh Super Strength Cedarwood Deodorant

Think Aromatherapy can't help out those pits? Think again! This deodorant packs an extra little kick, which, let's face it, many of us could use on these hot days! The soft woodsy scent is so fresh, and hopefully you'll be too.


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