Stay Cool On The Hottest Days of Summer

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The heat (wave) is on and the city can sometimes be a stifling place. But we've been getting creative and maximizing all the ways to stay cool and refreshed this season. Since Health Hut has grown this year, we've gathered all the best tips and tricks from some of our College, Leslieville and Muskoka team members!

Stay cool out there!

100% Pure Green Tea Water Bomb mask - Tara

If the words cucumber, hydrogel and aloe don't instantly make you feel cooler, we don't know what will! This soothing Sheet Mask is made of aloe juice and plant cellulose and packs a massive hydration punch! Give your skin some mega relief after a day out under the sun!


Province Apothecary Jade Roller - Hannah

A calming face massage with a Jade Roller? Pretty good. A face massage with a Jade Roller that's been in the fridge? Instant cooling bliss! This is such a nice way to get a little spa moment going, and it's great for circulation and soothing the eye area!


Wildcraft Spray Deodorant - Taylor

Fun under the sun is great, but sometimes a little underarm refresh is necessary this time of year! Our Wildcraft underarm Spray Deodorants comes in two refreshing and cooling scents: Cypress/Cedarwood & Lavender/Clary Sage! They smell divine and are so easy to drop in a bag and bring along on all your adventures.


Peppermint Pal - Julie

This little roller is amazing on those extra humid days when you need a little mid-day pick me up! This cooling concentrate is full of Peppermint and Tansy essential oils, and it feels like a blast of instant A/C! Great for rolling onto tense muscles, back of the neck or temples to ease any tension. Don't leave home without it!


Porter Water Bottle - Camila

When it's as hot as it's been here in the city, hydration is where it's at, so why not do it in style? Porter Water Bottles come in three great colors and have a protective matte silicone wrap, so no worrying about grip or breakage. Get all the iced drinks you dream of!  


Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence - Rosie

Want a mist that will hydrate, soothe and uplift all at once? Look no further than the Tata Harper Floral Essence. With a combination of cooling Lavender, soothing Rose and exotic Neroli, this is one product you'll find yourself using multiple times a day! Stay refreshed while keeping your skin happy!


Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap Peppermint - Jenn

This all-purpose 18-in-1 Pure Castile Soap is amazing at any cleaning task, but when you need an instant cool down, try it as a shower gel! The Peppermint Oil is so refreshing it will actually get you feeling tingly all over! No better way to invigorate the mind and body, especially after some time outdoors!


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