Beat the Winter Blues Through Texture and Scent

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While February may be winding down, we all know that winter isn't quite over yet. This time of year can feel a little blah and a boost to the senses might be necessary to push through the last stretch.

What better way to beat the blues and elevate our day to day than through textures and scent? Here are four of our current go-to's!


New to the shop, Liis Fragrances are a scent experience unlike you've ever had. Want to feel transported, decadent and like the everyday just got way more special and luxe? Look no further. Whether you're seeking a floral fix of Damask Rose with touches of Matcha and Tangerine (Rose Struck) something lighter and subtle with notes of Pear, Orris and Cashmere (Studied) or love a deeper blend of Tobacco leaves, Incense and Vanilla (Bo) there's a scent for you.  

Stray and Wander 

There is no doubt about it, textiles are the epitome of coziness and comfort. Stray & Wander offers incredible blankets and towels, hand-woven in Turkish cotton for the softest, most lived-in feel. If you're a fan of multi-tasking products, take a look at their towels, they make excellent (lighter) throws, beach blankets and even scarves. You'll only have trouble picking out your favourite weave and style.

Lohn Esen Candle

We obviously couldn't make a post about lifting up the winter blues without picking a great candle. Esen is our current go-to with its unique, light and refreshing scent. With notes of basil, clove, ginger and peppermint, this one has us ready for spring vibes and breezy days. 

La Vie Room Spray

Clearly, we are all about scents and their ability to amplify our experiences. La Vie makes beautiful and soothing room sprays, and if you're wishing for some "spring fresh" vibes in your space, this is the easiest way to make it happen! Gently spritz the air, your linens or keep in the bathroom. Choose between five incredible combinations, or buy one for every room!




Liis Fragrance Stray and Wander Lohn Candles La Vie 


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